This Is One Of The Best Videos I’ve Ever Seen On YouTube

There seems to be some question as to whether the story this video was made as a response to is legit or not, but one thing is absolutely certain: Johnny Robinson is an amazing young man. This video is so powerful, with a message that, whatever prompted it, is something every gay teen who’s struggling with bullying should see.


5 thoughts on “This Is One Of The Best Videos I’ve Ever Seen On YouTube

  1. “Being like everyone else is boring.” “Love who you are.” Powerful statements. And the fact that he used index cards and music to convey his message was outstanding. His doe like eyes sorta pulled me in and kept me there. Love it.


  2. OMG! You guys are, like, totally my first two commenters. :-D

    Was that not an outstanding video?! I love that boy for being so proud of who he is.I just want to wrap him up in a hug. I hope his video makes the rounds and is seen by all the GLBT teens out there.

    And yes, snookums, I shunned the dark side and went with the light. Good or bad?


  3. Reggie says:

    Hello Lisa…

    You have me crying like an open faucet. I couldn’t open that amazing video you were talking about so I had to go to YT to search, you know, I’m a lot curious. And I find this gorgeous boys, crying in the middle of the night, telling the world his fears. And then I was crying along with him, so sad. Then I started to watch all this amazing people who sent him such beautiful responses, and then my tears changed to happy ones for all the hope, love and support they sent to him.

    As I said always to my friends, if not were for you guys I really wouldn’t have any idea of these things. I certainly will be one more sending a little word of support to him and to everyone who needs it. And I’ll show to the rest of my friends, for them to know and send, as well, their love and support. Thanks, sweetie (¨,) !!

    BTW, your place is great, too. For sure I’ll be around. Hugs!!



    • Reggie!!! (((HUGS!))) I’m so glad you found the video. I don’t know why you couldn’t see it on the blog, but it was worth looking for, huh? It makes me so sad to think there are kids out there suffering alone. Then I find this boy who is so proud of who he is, has found someone to love, and isn’t scared to come out and say, this is who I am and you should be proud of yourself too. I just want to wrap these boys up in my arms and tell them how awesome they are. <3

      I'm glad you decided to stop by! :-D


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