4 Stars, Blind Eye Books, Ginn Hale

The Shattered Gates (The Rifter, #1) by Ginn Hale

The Shattered Gates (Rifter #1)The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And so it begins, another Ginn Hale inspired addiction, this one woven somewhere between the contemporary and an alternate reality that is only just starting to take shape as a place of extreme danger, a place where being an outsider might mean a painful death, and a place where John’s enigmatic roommate Kyle has a job to do. So many questions remain unanswered—Why? How? The most significant of which is what, as in what will happen next?

The trap has been successfully baited, and I’m entirely invested in the journey. John, his friends Laurie and Bill, and above all, Kyle and Ravishan are the lure to this otherworld, and Ginn Hale has offered the key to the portal, has extended just enough of the stick to dangle the proverbial carrot ever so enticingly in front of me that it’s impossible to imagine not continuing on the adventure. Basawar seems more than just a place. For John, it seems an answer to an as yet unasked question. It is the secret yet to be discovered. But when?

The Shattered Gates is this author’s forte: an imaginarium filled with impossible magic made believable through engaging characters, creative language, and a fully realized world of risk and intrigue.

This is the tease, the call to action, the invitation. And I gratefully accept.



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