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Black Blades (Rifter, #3) by Ginn Hale

Black Blades
Black Blades by Ginn Hale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And the plot thickens.

Prophesies broken, awesome powers revealed, an assassination thwarted, and former allies who apparently have become enemies, these are some of the enticements Ginn Hale offers up in episode three of the Rifter saga.

Told in a non-linear fashion, this installment does a time shift from present to past again, revealing just enough about John, who will become Jath’ibaye, and the one who is called Ji, that the reader is granted an enticing glimpse into a future of power and witchcraft which is only now beginning to take shape, as John and Kyle are reunited and the rules of the game change.

An assassination attempt on Jath’ibaye goes wrong when Kahlil intervenes, and Jath’ibaye offers to bear Kahlil’s wounds to save his life. What will become of the two men, now that they have been reunited? The answer to that question must wait, as the reader is taken back in time to Rathal’pesha, just when the getting was good, to witness John’s evolution to warrior, led by the Payshmura, whose prayers and tenets are based on a particularly interesting foundation.

Who survives? Who doesn’t? Who knows? That remains to be seen, as Ginn Hale continues to entice, seduce, provoke, and weave her wonderful spell.



2 thoughts on “Black Blades (Rifter, #3) by Ginn Hale

    • You’re reading this series too, Pam?! OMG, I’m addicted. I’m almost done with book 4 and am finally starting to figure some things out that I look back on now and think, piff, why didn’t I get that before? :) I can’t imagine what I’d have done if I’d started this series as Ginn was writing it. I’d have gone bonkers waiting for each installment! :-P


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