Hayden Thorne, Queerteen Press

Small Gem – Out of the Depths by Hayden Thorne

Out of the depths of grief, out of the depths of madness, out of the depths of desperation springs longing and inspiration in Out of the Depths, a gothic tale of love and obsession.

Humans are disposable, their lives nothing more than a means to an end for Konstancji, the cost of his soul worth any price after death stole his lover, Ziven, a year before. Cheating the grave, resurrecting his beloved has become Konstancji’s passion, his only objective, and he uses the darkest of magics to fulfill his only desire.

Out of the Depths is frightfully good in where it doesn’t go. Can there truly be a happyily ever after for Konstancji and Ziven? What are the consequences for coveting what was lost and crossing Fate to recover it?

The cheerless atmosphere and a young man on the lunatic fringe infuse this story with the perfect balance of the disturbing and the romantic.



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