Marie Sexton, Silver Publishing

Cinder by Marie Sexton

Fans of re-imagined fairy tales will find plenty of new spins and twists to love on the old story of the peasant who meets the prince, falls in love, and lives happily ever after, with the help of a little bit of magic and a whole lot of faith.

Cinder is the young man who serves in his aunt’s household after being orphaned when his parents’ own fairy tale romance ended tragically.

Xavier is the prince who has no choice but to abide by the law of the kingdom and find a bride before his next birthday in order to inherit the throne.

Cinder is the unconventional story of how the two men bend the laws, rather than break them, in order to fulfill their own fairy tale romance, with the help of a witch, a shoe, and a dog named Milton that knows true love even when his master has a difficult time recognizing love in its true form.

This is a fairy tale, so you already know how the story ends, but what Marie Sexton does so successfully is deliver a few surprises, tug a few heartstrings, and make the reader believe that love can and will always find a way.



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