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Review: Mine by Mary Calmes

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s something a little bit special about Landry Carter—from the manic highs to the frightening lows, from the dangerous impulses to the intense shifts in behavior that cause him to become aggressive one moment and submissive the next—Landry Carter is a bit like a butterfly in a jar, beautiful in his serenity, one moment, then bumping against the fragile glass walls of his own emotions and fears when he’s flying.

Trevan Bean is the man who tames Landry. No, not tames him, calms him. Trevan brings order and structure to Landry’s life. He’s the safety net into which Landry can fall, the man who cushions the blows when Landry is pushing at the limits of his affliction. Trev is an equalizer, a man who brings order to chaos; he’s the man who knows Landry, sometimes better than Landry knows himself, and who knows enough to open that jar sometimes and let Landry be free to fly and to work things out on his own before Trevan brings him back down to earth.

Mine is a simple story about two very complex men, and I don’t mean simple in a derogatory way, not at all. No, life for Trevan and Landry has more than its share of complications, but what I mean by simple is that the relationship, the love that Trevan and Landry share is so straightforward, so utterly and unquestioningly substantial and essential to the both of them, that even when it becomes mired in the sometimes overwhelming challenges the men face, when it’s threatened by their own personal demons, it’s that unconditional love that pares everything else down to its most basic elements, and that is that it’s the love they need to survive and thrive.

Mary Calmes has delivered another story filled with angst and turmoil that kept me turning pages all day, until I’d consumed every last word in a frenzy.

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