Amy Lane, Dreamspinner Press

Super Sock Man by Amy Lane

You can know who you are and embrace it.

You can know who you are and reject it.

You can suspect who you are and fear it.

You can subdue who you are and bleed all the shades and hues from a multicolored life.

Donnie is all about the embracing, but Chase is there just to make sure the contrast is clear between Donnie’s life of color and clarity—the life that Yandro saw and wanted—and the monochromatic life that comes from conformity and restraint.

Super Sock Man is a sweet and simple coming-of-age story, as much for Donnie as it was for Alejandro. Yes, you can be a grown man and still have some growing to do, and Donnie, in his utterly guileless way, with the help of a family who loves him and a pair of socks that make him feel like someone he wants to be because they belong to someone he wants to be with, gives Yandro some proof that white is the presence of all color and color is light and Donnie is all the crayons in the multi-hued box of life.

And because Yandro embraced the honesty of that color, he discovered that confession really is good for the soul, and that socks can say “I love you” just as much as words.

Buy Super Sock Man HERE.


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