Anne Brooke, J.M. Snyder, JMS Books LLC, Musa Publishing, Small Gems

Small Gems – Angels and Airheads by Anne Brooke & Just a Little Note by J.M. Snyder

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” And sometimes it takes nothing less than a gigantic nudge from your guardian angel to get you to open your eyes and see the miracle that’s been right in front of you all along.

Ricky is a bit thick, missing all the signs and even the outright nudges from previous angels that his best mate Jez is something more than just a friend, but Madred, the guardian angel from the Fourth Sphere in Heaven, isn’t exactly the sort to suffer the mental reasoning of an obtuse human. After all, how could the bright, brilliant, and beautiful Jez be in love with someone like Ricky? Ricky himself certainly can’t fathom it, so it couldn’t possibly be true. But then he’s given the chance to see with own eyes how he looks through the eyes of the someone who means more to him than anyone else in the world, and then it’s up to Ricky to take the chance on seizing his miracle.

Angels and Airheads is a story of perfect love in an imperfect world, and what could be more sweet than that?

Buy Angels and Airheads HERE.

Tommy may be the musical the students at Lakeside High are rehearsing to perform in the school’s auditorium, but Just a Little Note is a little bit Cyrano de Bergerac behind the scenes of this sweetly charming coming-of-age story.

Bryan Lovett is in love with his friend Jesse Carter. Jesse Carter is in love with his friend Bryan Lovett. The problem is that neither one knows the others’ secret, and then there’s Emily, the girl who’s in love with Jesse and who wants Bryan to help her land the object of her affection, which complicates things all the more because really, how do you help the girl who’s now both your friend and your rival for the affections of the boy you both love? Oh, the complexities of first love and high school romance.

When Bryan suggests Emily write Jesse a note to tell him how she feels, he might’ve anticipated Emily would jump on the idea, but never did he dream she would complicate things by begging him to help her write that note. Finally, though, Bryan does agree to do it, and pours his heart and soul into the words he himself would say to Jesse if only there weren’t a crippling fear there to hold him back.

Letter composed, rewritten in Emily’s hand, and delivered, it doesn’t have quite the impact on Jesse that Emily expected. It does, however, have the exact impact on Jesse that Bryan could only have ever dreamt of. And unlike the tragedy that was Roxanne, Cyrano, and Christian, that little note was nothing but a happy beginning for Jesse and Bryan.

J.M. Snyder wrote this one in the 3rd person present, which was ideal for this “play within a play”, as she skillfully directs the reader through the story toward its happy ending.

Buy Just a Little Note HERE.


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