Andrea Speed, Riptide Publishing

Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 by Andrea Speed

I want to see this series animated. Can someone get right on that, please? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever read an Urban Fantasy that begs to be Manga-ized more than the Josh of the Damned series does. It’s like waking up on Saturday morning as a kid and getting to watch Scooby Doo, except without all that pesky pretend stuff. This is real world, people, and jinkies, it’s a far out and unusual place.

From sinister facial hair to Squidwardian sea beasties to the Queen Mother of all butt-kicking, snake-headed mythological she-monsters, Andrea Speed pulled out her trademark snark and poked at my fantasy-loving funny bone in these three short episodes.

But wait, there’s more: Colin the hot vampire is there, and Bobo the lovesick snow monster is there, and Gary, the foul-mouthed, bad-tempered Reverse Tooth Fairy is there too. This definitely ain’t Kansas, Dorothy, so don’t even go there. This is Oz in full and living colorful craziness, and I kinda wanna live there for awhile. Just until the Zombie Apocalypse, of course. Then I want to be far, far away.

Josh finds out some things about his boss, Mr. Kwon, and he finds out a thing or two about himself, too, which causes some doubts to arise over his relationship with Colin. Finding out that you’re kind of irresistible to the things that go bump in the night—irresistible like creature-crack to a strung out junkie monster—will tend to plant a few ideas into a guy’s head. Namely making you realize that the undead lover you jones for might be jonesing for you for no other reason than he can’t help himself. That right there would drive a stake into the heart of just about any romance—but never fear, fans; when the Quik-Mart corporate boys come to play, Colin and Bobo prove to Josh who his real fiends…err…friends are. And humans are safe for at least another day.

I’ll be tuning in and turning on because I’m very much ready and waiting for more madcap monster mayhem.

Buy Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 HERE.


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