Eden Winters, Torquere Press

Fallen Angel (The Angel of 13th Street, #2) by Eden Winters

Life is about doing the best with what you’ve been given to work with. It’s about making a difference and offering second chances. It can’t be about saving everyone, because not everyone can be or wants to be saved, but it can be about giving at least one person a chance at a better life. If you can do that, then you’ve already altered the future for the better, and that’s not something many people are given the power to do.

But sometimes you fail, and when you do, you have to go on, and in going on, you have to try to seize every opportunity to live because you never know when “too late” will be. There are times you have to know when to say what needs to be said, and times you have to know when to be quiet and listen, not with your ears but with your heart. You have to be willing to take your own advice and use that wisdom to shape a life that matters to someone, because that someone may be the next great hope in someone else’s life. When you pay that gift forward, it doesn’t stop there but continues to transform for years to come.

The Angel of 13th Street loses his way in Fallen Angel. Noah Everett is so close to losing Jeremy Kincaid to college in the fall, and is so close to losing himself in the process, mired in a past that haunts him, and in the fear that he won’t be enough to protect Jeremy from the dangerous territory in which they both tread, seeking to save the lost in a sea of wayward souls. But how can you save the lost if you can’t find your own way? Noah learns that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, and it’s sometimes the one soul you win who can help you find your way back to what’s most important to you. Noah is forced to let go of the past and face what’s an imminent and unavoidable part of growing old. But along the way, he also remembers who and what the most important parts of his present are.

Eden Winters once again delivers an emotional and moving story, a wonderful continuation to Noah and Jeremy’s May/December romance and all the trials they face, returning with some favorite friends who are more like family, and introducing new characters who brought with them their own challenges.

I hope the ending means there’s a book three on its way soon.

Buy Fallen Angel HERE.


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