Hayden Thorne, Queerteen Press, Small Gems

Small Gem – The Bridge by Hayden Thorne

The path to true love for Remy Pépin and Alain Ètoile is bridged by superstition, a kind heart, and a candle in the window to light the way in The Bridge, the short and lovely story of two young men from very different walks of life who find their way to each other with a little maneuvering from good Fortune and a friend whose own ill fated romance compels her to play matchmaker.

Like the other short stories in Hayden Thorne’s recent collection, The Bridge is filled with the magic and wonder and promise of finding love in spite of what seems to be impossible odds. All Remy and Alain needed to find their way to each other was a little direction, a little misdirection, and a bit of intervention from someone who recognized in them a kindred soul. Mme. Jolicoeur is the wise and willing guide who places the young men on a course that will lead to the freedom of their happily ever after.

Which, after all, is what all the very best fairy tale romances need–the opportunity for two diverging paths to cross and become one.

Buy The Bridge HERE.


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