Hayden Thorne, Queerteen Press, Small Gems

Small Gems – The Water-Irises by Hayden Thorne

Hugh LaCaille is a man of letters. He is a man who doesn’t believe in or have patience for anything that can’t be proven through logic or science. He’s so deeply immersed in his intellectual pursuits, in fact, as to be considered reclusive by others. Hugh is the consummate teacher who, in Hayden Thorne’s The Water-Irises, becomes the unexpected student to a young man whose father regards him as little more than a commodity to trade against a successful future in business.

The Water-Irises is the wondrous tale of a boy you might call fanciful if you were being generous, though frivolous and undisciplined are two words his father and Hugh might use to describe him.

Aubin Fornier is a thoroughly romantic soul whose chosen language is literature and poetry, and while he’s a bright and capable pupil, he’s not interested in applying himself to the unyielding principles of the academic pursuits. His spirit begins to wither under the forcefulness of his father’s harsh and demanding desire to mold his son into someone he’s not meant to be, even as the man’s son refuses to surrender himself to a life not of his own making. Aubin’s world is a fantastical place where mysterious realms exist that cannot be explained by the scientific method, and it’s a world inside the water which ultimately teaches Hugh that seeing is believing and believing is seeing.

The Water-Irises is a story of acceptance and of faith, told in a world within a world of dreams and magic. It is a classically beautiful fairy tale, enchanting and lush and idyllic in every way.

Buy The Water-Irises HERE.


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