Clare London, Dreamspinner Press, Small Gems

Small Gems – Switch (True Colors #4) by Clare London

Mystery and murder are set against a backdrop of the sexy and sophisticated art world, where wealthy businessman Miles Winter and temperamental bad-boy artist Zeke Roswell were introduced in True Colors, the full length novel that’s now been followed by three erotic short stories: Ambush, Payback, and the latest release, Switch.

To say that these two men got off to a bit of a slow and less than promising start is an understatement. For one, Miles was in a relationship with a woman at the time the two men met, and Zeke…well, Zeke was in an incredibly bad place, both professionally and emotionally, after his brother’s tragic and untimely death in a fire that was deemed to have been an unfortunate accident. Zeke had always lived in Jackie’s artistic shadow, and now he lives in the shadows of unresolved feelings that torment him and cause a downward spiral from which Miles unintentionally rescues Zeke, by giving him an opportunity to climb out from under the despair that weighs him down, and to carve out a career based upon his own considerable talents.

Though they began as adversaries, the undeniable attraction the two men feel for each other soon overwhelms any sort of logic that might be used to explain their compulsion to be together. The truth of the matter is that they work, the successful artist and the color-blind businessman, and that’s what ultimately matters.

With the mystery of Jackie’s murder solved by the end of True Colors, Miles and Zeke are free to move forward, and in the three subsequent short stories in this series, they move forward in a decidedly erotic fashion, as Miles and Zeke discover new and exciting ways to heat up their relationship.

In Switch, the two men establish a new level of intimacy, both emotionally and physically, and Clare London ably manages to mix equal portions of romance and unrestrained lust in this steamy and sensual short which also appears to mark a turning point in Miles and Zeke’s relationship.

They’ve been ambushed, paid back, and switched. I’m not sure what’s next, but I’m looking forward to seeing where the next sexy tale goes.

Buy Switch HERE.


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