Loose Id, Lori Toland

The Long Con by Lori Toland

Nathaniel Bradley is an agent for the Serious Organised Crime Agency, SOCA for short, a British agency that focuses upon the theft of valuable art work across Great Britain and Europe. When a priceless heirloom disappears from his grandfather Lord Bradley’s home, Nathaniel makes it his personal mission to hunt it down and retrieve it at all costs. Unfortunately, the price he pays is his heart.

Tony Terranova is a Mafia son in New York City, which is where Nathaniel’s search leads him as he enters a dangerous game of cloak-and-dagger, playing both sides against the middle in an effort to thwart a group of con men who’re looking to sell a “fake” to Tony, a fake that is, in fact, the real thing. Posing to the group of cons as Bradley, a hustler, Nathaniel is aiming to steal the treasure back from Tony (who’s interested in purchasing the stolen art), and returning it to its rightful owner. What Bradley didn’t plan on happening is to have his heart stolen by Tony, the very man who is his mark in this game of duplicity.

The Long Con is a quick and erotic summer read that had some nice twists and turns in the end, as a few key characters aren’t who they seem to be. Bradley and Tony’s romance is of the insta-love variety, so do be aware of that as well. If you prefer your relationships to be more thoroughly explored, adjust your expectations or you might be disappointed.

There is also some ultra-light BDSM within Bradley and Tony’s relationship, but it’s really more implied than exposed, so again, consider that as well when approaching the book. There were times I felt the Dom/sub aspect in the bedroom blurred the lines between whom was to be playing which role, as Bradley wasn’t the absolute Dom I’m more familiar with in the sub-genre, but Tony topping from the bottom lent a sexy twist to the heavy sexual content.

The story comes to a satisfying HEA, though secrets and lies and deception keep things interesting along the way. So if you’re looking for some erotic romance to while away a few hours this summer, or if you’re already a Lori Toland fan, this may be just what you’re looking for.

Buy The Long Con HERE.


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