Amy Lane, Dreamspinner Press, Small Gems

Small Gems – Do-over by Amy Lane

What if took an act of divine intervention to ensure you’d live long enough to find your soul mate?

What if it took multiple acts of divine intervention to make you embrace who you are, to find the courage to accept yourself, to finally see yourself as beautiful because someone else sees your grace and the kindness that radiates from within and thinks you couldn’t be more perfect? What if it took divine intervention to help you find the courage to tell your parents who you are—even though they already suspected and they love you, regardless—so you could be free to admit to yourself whom it is you love?

What if it took multiple acts of divine intervention for you to see that if your destiny doesn’t quite work out to plan, it’s okay because the life you’ve lived so far has been really good?

Engall Carpenter gets the do-over of a lifetime from his accidental guardian angel, Dagiel, though they don’t quite get it right the first time…or the second or the third…thus the accidental part of the equation, but that’s what intervention from the heavenly hosts is all about, making the impossible possible.

Engall loves Chandler and Chandler loves Engall; it’s just that neither of them has found the courage to let the other know it yet and they need a little nudge from above to make it happen, even though those little nudges keep throwing Engall under the proverbial bus—sometimes the literal bus! Well, no one’s perfect, not even a certain beatific and sarcastic angel, but he eventually gets it all figured out and even finds his own happiness in the end with his very own angel. And maybe, just maybe, those who’ve fallen in love here on earth are merely the divine who’ve fallen from Heaven, and our soul mate is the one and only angel with whom we are destined to be. Anything’s possible.

Do-over is a charming and funny little story about the gift of acceptance and the beauty of seeing yourself for who you are and not how you look.

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4 thoughts on “Small Gems – Do-over by Amy Lane

  1. Not at all, in comparison to the way we know Amy can do angst. There was a lot of humor in the story, but it was also sweet, at the same time. I really enjoyed it and wished it were longer when I finished. :)


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