Where Nerves End (Tucker Springs #1) by L.A. Witt

Where nerves end, fear begins. Where nerves end, doubt exists. Where nerves end, caution rules. Where nerves end, there is touch, pain, the warmth and shiver of skin against skin, and that is the place Jason Davis and Michael Whitman begin.

Where Nerves End is the first book in the Tucker Springs series (the second from Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan is due later this year), and is the story of two men who, through necessity and desperation, find themselves sharing a house and expenses to offset the financial struggles of each of their businesses.

Jason owns a nightclub called “Lights Out”, and though a series of life-changing events has caused the club to become a burden and source of continual stress for him more than the fulfillment of a dream, he is determined to see it survive, even if it means depleting his own finances to make it happen.

Dr. Michael Whitman is an acupuncturist and divorced father who is, himself, struggling to make his business thrive in a downturned economy. So, how do a gay nightclub owner and a straight acupuncturist meet? Through a mutual friend and tattoo artist, Seth, who convinces Jason that Michael can relieve him of the lingering and chronic pain of an accident.

Skeptical but desperate to try anything, Jason agrees to an appointment with Michael, and for the first time in years, finds relief that doesn’t come in pill form, or from self-inflicted pain diversion. The problem, however, is that Jason’s choices come down to acupuncture or eating that week, which really is not a choice at all.

Where Nerves End is a story of temptation, and we all know that ”the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” Living together is an exquisite form of torture for Jason, who is incredibly attracted to Michael in spite of the fact that Michael is straight. Living together is an exquisite form of torture for Michael because his attraction to Jason quickly has him questioning the fact that he has lived his entire life being the man his parents and society has expected him to be.

Michael’s desire to be true to himself and his feelings for Jason conflicts with his desire to be a good father and to do what’s best for his son, which causes him to pull closer to Jason and push him away at the same time, with the fear of succumbing to the temptation of being in a relationship with a man.

This was a lovely start to this series, angsty and complicated by the responsibility of doing what’s right for the good of a child, yet being true to oneself in the process. I look forward to seeing what the next book brings to Tucker Springs, Colorado.

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2 thoughts on “Where Nerves End (Tucker Springs #1) by L.A. Witt

    • I thought this would be a very appropriate review for Father’s Day. :) I liked Michael and Jason a lot. I hope they show up a bit in the next book too.


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