Bella Leone, Small Gems, Torquere Press

Small Gems – Fair Puckled by Bella Leone

Jackson Stuart is a doctorate student at Boston University, studying for his PhD in Celtic and Gaelic history. He’s on the verge of defending his dissertation when the opportunity arises for him to make a trip to Scotland to study the history of the Highland Games, not to mention it’s an opportunity for Jackson to return to his ancestral roots.

Playing research assisting to BU professor Dr. McKenzie also proves to be quite fortunate, as Jackson meets a tenured professor from Glasgow University, where Jackson has applied for a professorship. And as fortune favors the bold, it’s also a series of chance encounters with a compelling and dashing Highlander that leads to a fortunate and bold encounter, indeed. I must say it left even me a little short of breath myself.

There are two things that compelled me to read this sexy little story; the first being I can’t resist the mere idea of a man in a kilt. Yes, there are strapping, kilted men in this book and it seems the answer to the question of what comes between a Scot and his plaid is little more than a lucky breeze.

The second reason I was intrigued enough to read it was my curiosity of the title’s meaning. Yes, of course I Googled it and once I discovered its translation, well, look it up and see if it doesn’t make you even a little bit curious about what’s between its covers.

I was left wanting at the end of Fair Puckled, which doesn’t mean I didn’t like the story; it simply means I wanted to spend much more time with Jackson Stuart and his Highlander, Alexander McDougal. Let’s face it, the story ends at the beginning of something that promises to be really good and I’d like to see where that good could go.

Maybe I’ll just beg the author for a sequel and hope that fortune also favors the greedy.

Buy Fair Puckled HERE.


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