Dreamspinner Press, P.D. Singer

Fire on the Mountain (2nd Edition) by P.D. Singer

Jake Landon believes he’s going to spend the summer after his college graduation fighting wildfires in the Colorado Mountains, partnered with some cantankerous and hygiene-challenged geezer who’ll make Jake forget that he’s at all attracted to men. Fighting fires will eat up a few months, and then some, of the year he’s taking off before he starts pharmacy school, or, at least that was the plan, but plans don’t account for much of anything if the fates refuse to get with your program, which makes Jake’s idea to stay in the closet until he can figure a way to get out become a whole lot more challenging when he ends up partnered with Kurt Carlson—walking, talking temptation—the man who lights a fire in Jake’s libido hot enough to rival anything Mother Nature could possibly whip up.

It’s a shaky start for both men, for reasons that have nothing to do with ability or experience and everything to do with attraction, but Jake and Kurt quickly form a working partnership, become friends, and, eventually, come to discover that the connection they feel is as elemental to them as the fires they fight are to nature. It’s a slow burn as their desire chases them like the flames on a shifting wind and when they finally succumb to it, the results are scorching, and before I knew it, I was completely invested in them and my hope for a long and lovely romance.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading P.D. Singer’s work, it’s that I always learn something, whether it’s what mise en place means, how a hedge fund works, or what it feels like to be thisclose to becoming a victim of your job. There is no “this seems really authentic” about her work. It is authentic and never fails to draw me in every time.

I’m sorry to say I never got around to reading the first edition of Fire on the Mountain, (why, I have no clue) so what’s been improved upon, I can’t say. But I can say whatever it was, the improvements made for some seriously sizzling summer reading.

Buy Fire on the Mountain HERE.


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