Amy Lane, Andrew Grey, Dreamspinner Press, Mary Calmes

Three Fates by Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes, and Amy Lane

“The Fates lead him who will. Him who won’t they drag.” – Seneca

The Fates, the Moirai, the Three Witches, the Weird Sisters—Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Sometimes they are portrayed as the girl, the woman, and the crone, three separate and distinct entities of female evolution; though at times they’re also portrayed as a single being that shifts fluidly through her pattern of roles as the spinner of the Thread of Life, the measurer of the Thread, and lastly and perhaps the most powerful of all—she who determines the manner and time of death. Once chosen, her “abhorred shears” cut the Thread of Life and fate is sealed. Whatever the Fates are called, whatever form and face they assume, they are feared and revered by the gods and mortals alike for their unlimited power and the wisdom they possess as they guide and manipulate the threads that form the tapestries of life they control.

There is an indelible line we toe that links us birth to death, the future an inevitable course, but it’s how one lives every moment of the present that dictates how well and how effortlessly this journey will be made. One would think the Fates are the enemy of free will, but there is always choice, and fortune favors those who choose wisely. Even those who elect not to choose have still made a choice, though they are the ones whom the Fates will drag along on the predetermined course to the destined outcome.

Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes, and Amy Lane have teamed up to deliver their own interpretations of Fate, Fortune, Luck, Chance—whatever name you choose to give the whims of existence that fit into your personal mythology—in Three Fates, three unique stories that spin a common yarn: men who find love thanks in whole to the benevolence of those unfathomable agents of the adventure we call life.

From the thoroughly charming paranormal fairy tale Fate Delivers a Prince, to the contemporary setting of the über-romantic Jump, to the irrepressibly enchanting tale of perspective and opportunity in Believed You Were Lucky, these three authors wove me into their stories and made me so glad to be there. Cheyenne and Prince Arthur; Cass and Raz; Hake and Leif—each of these men learned to trust in the formidable and sometimes tenuous balance between fate and free will, and in the process also learned to receive the blessings gifted to them by those possessed of the wisdom to successfully manipulate the weave of the very fabric of life.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Amor Fati – Love Your Fate, which is in fact your life.” Accepting and embracing the inevitable is what these stories are truly about, though they say it all in far more eloquent ways.

Buy Three Fates HERE.


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