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Small Gems – Oscar’s Soul by Missy Welsh

“I love him to hell and back and heaven and back…” – Sylvia Plath

Oscar’s father sold his first born’s soul to Hell in exchange for unlimited worldly success, which shows a spectacularly selfish and covetous bent on his father’s part; either that or a singularly limited sense of foresight and consequences. Probably all of the above.

As is always the case when humans make bargains with immortals, it’s the mortals who come out on the short end of the deal, and the time comes that the toll must be collected, the forfeit made, whether the human is ready or not to pay. The Devil reliably comes to collect his due—his due being Oscar himself—and he is carried to the Underworld, though Oscar’s hellish fate has not yet been sealed in fire and brimstone. Lucifer Morningstar has far different plans for the young man, surprising plans, and those plans just go to show that sometimes even when you lose, you win.

I love the stories of the fallen angels, although in Oscar’s Soul, Missy Welsh gives a hugely original twist to the parable of Satan, who is not his own agent, but His own agent, maintaining the balance between Heaven and Hell, even as he shows himself as decidedly human in all his immortal glory. But the biggest twist of all? The biggest?? Well, you’ll have to read for yourself to discover that one. All I’m going to say is that it’s utterly divine, divine in such an utterly surprising way that it alone was worthy of a five star rating.

This is a sweet and sexy story of the revolution and evolution of a love to end all loves, a literal to hell and back, to heaven and back kind of romance, one without end.

Buy Oscar’s Soul HERE.


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