Kaje Harper, Self-Published

Small Gems – Show Me Yours – A Free Story by Kaje Harper

“One kiss breaches the distance between friendship and love.” – Unknown

Trey Holgersen and Josh Campbell were inseparable for a while, but slowly drifted apart when Josh’s family moved to the East Coast after a horrific event that left its share of scars all over Josh, his family, and Trey as well. It was a tragedy that caused immeasurable damage, especially when emotions turned into words that caused Trey to deny who he was because Josh hated that part of Trey, even though he didn’t know that part existed.

Loving someone and knowing that someone will never love you in return is a painful means to the end of a friendship.

Eight years and thousands of miles of distance—not to mention Trey’s deepest, darkest secret—was enough to put paid to their relationship, if for no other reason than it was too difficult for Trey to keep denying his feelings for Josh. It was easier for him to ignore them, safer, for sure, but Trey soon discovers that for a plan to work, the other party involved needs to be willing to cooperate. When Josh unexpectedly shows up on Trey’s doorstep, needing his help, both men come to learn that keeping secrets and clinging so tightly to the flavor of harsh words spoken in the past leaves the mouth too full to say the words that need to be said in the present that will affect the course of the future.

Kaje Harper has offered this bittersweet and moving story of friends-turned-lovers as part of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s summer writing project “Love Is Always Write”, so it’s free to anyone interested in giving it a try. You don’t have to be a member of the Group to download the file, but you do have to be a member of Goodreads. If you’re not a member of Goodreads and don’t want to join, feel free to email me (my “Contact Me” form is on the “About Me” page) and I’ll be happy to email the file to you in whatever format you need. **ETA: Kaje Harper PMd me to give me permission to do this. :-D**

My only disclaimer to my recommendation is that there is an off-screen instance of pedophilia, so take that into account when considering whether or not to give this one a try. Otherwise, I can say, without reservation, that I really enjoyed this story. It’s much more than just a simple romance. It’s a story of acceptance and rejection and of a love born in friendship that grows into a love rooted in trust and in discovering all the many ways to fulfill each other while fulfilling oneself at the same time.

Download Show Me Yours HERE.


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