Ansh Das, Self-Published

Always Forever by Ansh Das

“Death is like a minor speed bump in the journey of our souls.” – Ansh Das

Always and Forever is an intimate and personal journey, one of self-discovery and spirituality, of grief and grace for the author, who met the love of his life but was sadly deprived of a lifetime with his love. It is a memoir, a diary’s eye view that tells the story of a chance encounter far from home, which then became the catalyst for a revelation of feelings and thoughts about Mikee, whose life was cut tragically short. It is the story of a family’s strength in grief and the belief that the spirit of those who are beloved to us never truly leave us behind but are merely awaiting our arrival in the where that lies beyond.

Ansh Das has shared his memories and emotions and his faith with his readers, through narrative and poetry as well as through the personal reminiscence of those who loved Mikee and knew him best. It is both touching and uplifting, a story of loving and letting go while still holding on to the belief that death does not mean the end of that love but is merely the beginning of loving that person with new eyes.

I don’t think anyone could possibly love Mikee as well as AD or those who knew him best, but in the sharing, the reader is able to see how fondly he was held and remembered by those whose lives he touched.

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