L.B. Gregg, Musa Publishing

Simple Gifts (Cornwall Novellas, #2) by L.B. Gregg

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

When you have a history of screwing things up, beginnings and endings are pretty well par for the course. When you have a history of preferring to be alone, it makes the screwing up part a lot easier. At least, that’s the case for Jason Ferris and Robb Sharpe, who began in high school and ended when Robb joined the army and Jason never heard from him again.

Ten years, a Christmas party, a lawn ornament with homicidal tendencies, and one blizzard later, and Jason and Robb are back together again. Not together-together. More like stuck between a black out and a hard place at Jace’s apartment, because neither of them wants to be snowed in at chez Sharpe for the holidays, which you might not think would be so bad considering there’s still a lot going on between the two of them. But war is hell and sometimes life is too, and sometimes the fight to survive is the hardest fought battle of all, and just hoping to get by and to bring some order to the chaos of your existence is the best you can ask for until you finally find you can allow yourself to hope for more.

And sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that are the most priceless and hold the most promise for a new beginning. A thousand times over.

Simple Gifts is a spare little story but not so simple, really. Jason and Robb both carry their pasts like scars that are proof of the damage left behind but are also proof that they’ve survived. Once again, L.B. Gregg created two characters that I was completely involved with, but not only that, she also gave me a story that tugged at my heartstrings just a little bit, which just adds another layer to the many reasons I love her storytelling ways.

Buy Simple Gifts HERE.


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