Dreamspinner Press, Lou Sylvre

Yes (A Vasquez & James Novella) by Lou Sylvre

“Where there is great love, there are also miracles.” – Willa Sibert Cather

Loving Luki Vasquez has always been pretty easy for me. For that matter, loving Sonny Bly James has been a non-effort too, because of their strength, because of the way they’ve fought courageously to get where they are, because now, six years later, they need that strength and courage more than ever before when the threat to Luki’s life comes from something other than a bomb or the barrel of a gun.

This time it’s cancer that’s out to get him, and it’s coming at Luki with a vengeance, showing no mercy, giving no quarter, and taking its toll on everything and everyone Luki cherishes.

Yes is a heart-wrenching and sometimes very difficult story to read, especially if cancer has threatened or stolen someone you love. Lou Sylvre has woven a beautiful and effective story that illustrates perfectly how overwhelming and unrelenting this disease is not only in the way it attacks its victims but also in the way it does its best to destroy the lives and relationships of everyone involved.

This is a story of loving and fearing and dying and living. It’s a story of hope in the face of hopelessness, faith tested by helplessness, endurance diminished by the cruel nature of illness, courage that doesn’t mean being unafraid but means looking at the nightmare head on and living in spite of that fear. This is a story in which love is tested by the desire to let go and to give in to a disease that kills indiscriminately but, in the end, drawing upon the strength of that love and knowing the fight to live is worth the cost of waging that war.

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