Brita Addams, Dreamspinner Press

For Men Like Us by Brita Addams

“’Tis very true, my grief lies all within;
And these external manners of laments
Are merely shadows to the unseen grief
That swells with silence in the tortured soul.”
– William Shakespeare

The casualties of war are not only the poor and unfortunate souls whose lives bleed out on the battlefield. There are times that death would seem a welcome peace when compared to the far more insidious torment of the memories that can bury a man under the weight of his conscience until there is nothing left for him to do but to try to atone for the sin of his self-preservation.

Benjamin Wilmot paid a horrific price in battle, not for the cause of King and country but for the cause of his feelings for another man. He was offered the choice between two savage evils, and the course he chose was one for which he suffers the travelling, both body and soul. It is a path that now has led him to the back alleys of Cheapside, where Preston Meacham sells himself for the sake of survival. It is the place that for Ben, who had no intention of engaging in anything but honesty and penance with Pres, falls in love with the man for whom Ben can mean nothing but sorrow and condemnation.

They say confession is good for the soul, but how can it be good when the confessor and the crime are mutually exclusive? How can a man be absolved of his sins when the sin is not a mark upon his own soul, but another’s? Those are the questions at the heart of Ben and Pres’s conflict, and they were, at times, a moving and motivating factor in my love for this book, a story about repairing the past and reclaiming the truth.

Brita Addams’ Regency romance, For Men Like Us, is an erotic journey of pleasure and punishment, of hurt and healing. It is the story of two men whose lives are entangled by horror and secrets and lust and passion, and whose bond is tested by suffering and sacrifice.

Desire and despair, damnation and deliverance set the perfect tone for the novel, in a time when, for men like Ben and Pres, love held the very real threat of death. It is where condemnation ends and compassion begins, where mercy and forgiveness transform, and a happy ending is the reward to the reader who can endure the pain along the way.

Brita Addams is a GayRomLit participating author. To learn more about Brita, visit her blog HERE.

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4 thoughts on “For Men Like Us by Brita Addams

  1. Brita Addams says:

    Thank you Lisa, so much for this eloquently written review. I so appreciate your insightful view of my story. I hope to meet you at GRL.



      • Brita Addams says:

        This is YOU! WOOOOOTTTTT! Michelle and you in one place. Oh, my!! Can’t wait and thank you for the great review. So happy you liked the book.

        Big hugs and more in Albuquerque.


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