Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane

Galway Bound (Layers of the Otherworld 1.1) by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane

“For the voyeur, fiction is what’s called going all the way.” – William H. Gass

Well, seems I’m a story-bound voyeur, i.e. – “an obsessive observer of sensational subjects.” Who knew? Okay, I confess… I knew a little bit. Okay, a lot bit. But please, Cormac Kelly and Sean O’Hara most definitely qualify as sensational subjects, so why, in the name of all that’s sexy as hell, would I want to look away?

The erotic vignette, Galway Bound, takes place a year or so beyond the end of the epic The Druid Stone, during a time in Cormac and Sean’s relationship where life and work have done little to continue fanning the flames of their passion. Oh, they love each other, to be sure; they’re just looking for a little somethin’-somethin’ to spice up their sex life, and holy hotness, did they find just the thing. It seems that Sean’s discovering he very well may be a sexual submissive, and Cormac? Well, Cormac’s no stranger to BDSM and has no issues with giving his man exactly what he needs. He even has the toys to do it, and he’s not at all afraid to use them.

If you haven’t read The Druid Stone and want to read a short, steamy, and kinktastic little love scene between two men who’re all about pushing boundaries and limits through dominance and submission and denial and fulfillment, then Galway Bound provides just that, and does it beautifully.

If you have read The Druid Stone, became invested in the relationship between Cormac and Sean, in their journey and all the adventure that came along with it, then Galway Bound is a lovely scene between the two men who’re beginning a new journey of building trust and exploring new and sensual ways of redefining what it is they’re involved in and all the possibilities that it holds for their future.

Either way, Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane have written a provocative and evocative scene that made me wonder if I myself have any limits at all on what I find thoroughly seductive.

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