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I’m back, sick as a dawg, and suffering from sleep deprivation. Man, was it worth it!

I’m not even going to lie… GayRomLit 2012 was the most fun I’ve ever had with all of my clothes on. Heh. Shhhh, sorry I went there. :-D

Bonnie (a lovely fan whose last name is escaping me), Rick R. Reed, Michele L. Montgomery, Me, and Rhys Ford at dinner

But seriously, let me tell you, there are very few things I will leave my family for, and GayRomLit 20–, yes, all of them—for many years to come, I hope—is the one event for which I’ll put the hubby on full-time kid duty and bid them all farewell, even if it means they eat like crap the entire time I’m gone (Hey, they were all alive this morning, so I count it as a Daddy Success; although #1 son is suffering from some gastrointestinal issues. ::insert “God, mom, you’re so inappropriate!” here::), and even if it means I have to suffer from sleep deprivation ::dear gods:: and a miserable cold every single time afterward.::sniffles:: :-P Trust me, it’s so very worth it.

The lovely, lovely Eden Winters and P.D. Singer

There were dozens of stellar moments from the weekend, starting with the sheer number of amazing and talented people I met, both authors and readers alike, topped only by the fact that now I get to call at least a few of those wonderful people “friend”. I don’t know what they’ll call me, though. Probably “Restraining Order”. And I finally got to meet two women whom I’ve loved for years — Michele L. Montgomery and Rhys Ford — and had the thrill of meeting so many of the authors of whom I’ve been a rabid fan for what feels like forever!

Yes, there were some embarrassingly bad fan-girl squee moments for me–ugly crying all over Amy Lane in the middle of a crowded restaurant, tackle-hugging Piper Vaughn in an elevator, ninja-leaping over the arm of a chair in the hotel lobby so I could hug Aleksandr Voinov (who I didn’t know was going to be there), threatening to club Marie Sexton over the head so I could steal her freaking amazing boots, and asking waaaaaay too many questions in the Author Q & A with Lynn Lorenz, M.J. O’Shea, Abigail Roux (who is really Ty Grady in disguise), and J.P. Barnaby. They were sick of me before it was over, I know, but dammit, how many times do you get a chance to sit down with authors and ask them deep and thought provoking questions such as: Abigail, do you make up all the sayings on Ty’s t-shirts? ::eyeroll:: Yes, I asked that question. Am I an idiot? Why yes, yes I am. Whatever. ^_^

The incomparable Amy Lane

And I’m going to sneak this one small thing in here too, which was just an amazing, amazing experience for me–listening to Edmond Manning read a passage from King Perry! They gave me the entire seat, but I only used the edge, swear. I don’t think it’s any big secret that I have a deep burning passion for that book, like a sick love for it, so listening to him read and getting to meet him in person was an over-the-top moment. He’s funny and charming and his kindness radiates from him in waves. AND, I’ve had the privilege of reading the first three chapters of book 6 of the series, King Daniel, which was one of his giveaway items. ::heaven:: I’m all verklempt from the awesomeness of it.

Edmond Manning – hotel soap really is lucky! :)

Some of my most wonderful memories didn’t revolve around the scheduled events at GayRomLit at all, though. They revolve around the dinners I had the immense pleasure of sharing with Rhys, Michele, Rick R. Reed, DH Starr, Jacob Z. Flores and his husband Bruce, and Jamie Fessenden. Yeah, the conversation was wildly inappropriate–ask Rhys about when she was little and gnawed on her cousin’s nuts when he sat on her face (she can show you on the dolly where the bad touch happened), or ask Rick R. Reed about his sexy-ass sword and tool…er, I mean tulle, pics. Oh, ha! Or you could ask him about the story he wrote about the guy who air-launches a carrot out of his bum-hole. Yes, he went there. I read the story. It really exists. And how’s this for a supremely bad move on the restaurant hostess’s part: They sat a family with children next to us–can I get a witness? It was a caca bad move on the restaurant’s part, for sure, right guys? But my after dinner conversation with DH and Jacob about education and diversity and the responsibility I feel toward raising decent and compassionate human beings? Well, that was pretty much just the perfect way to end the evening. It proves there were actually some grownup moments among all the “Dear God, did we really go there?” times.

Jacob Z. Flores, his amazing hubby Bruce, and my lucky breath mints

So, now I’m brain dead. It was a C-I-L-L my brain cells D-E-D sort of weekend from which it’ll take days to recover, and all I can say is, Atlanta 2013. If you want to attend an event where fun spills over into friendships, GRL is the one. I know I’ll be there.

Michele L. Montgomery, DH Starr, and a case of the big rainbow balls

Charlie Cochet, who is pocket-sized, adorable, and I wanted to bring her home with me!

The amazing Ethan Day. I had had many gin & tonics here. :-P

DC Juris and Michele L. Montgomery

Michele L. Montgomery and Rick R. Reed

Q&A with Abigail Roux and J.P. Barnaby

The wonderful Jamie Fessenden

The inexhaustible K.Piet

The lovely Amy Lane and the electric Ariel Tachna


20 thoughts on “I’m back, sick as a dawg, and suffering from sleep deprivation. Man, was it worth it!

    • FUN! OMG, the fun. I actually slept last night. I’m convinced it was just brutal exhaustion that kept me under. Barring the sore throat and stuffy nose, I may be human in a few more days. :-D


    • ::??!!:: And this happened how? I had no idea you were even going to be there. ::grumbles:: There were sooooo many people there, and I felt like I spent most of the time staring down at people’s mid-sections to read their names. Have no idea how I missed you, but I will say there were authors i’d intended to say “hi” to that I never did find, let alone readers, so maybe it’s not so surprising? I dunno. :-P Atlanta-2013, for sure!


  1. It sounds fabulous. I’m going to be haunting the blogs to see all the accounts :) glad to hear you survived. It sounds so daunting in comparison with our UK Meet. Thanks for posting photos. It’s great to see faces to put to names. I’m interviewing Charlie Cochet for Speak Its Name this week – she looks an absolute sweetie!


    • It was a terrific weekend, Elin! A bit intimidating and overwhelming at times, to be sure, but so much fun. :)

      Charlie Cochet is absolutely adorable, and I’m such a fan! I’d met her after the Dreamspinner Cabaret event, at which Ethan Day kept handing me free drink tickets, so she probably thought I was a terrible lush. I hope I didn’t scare her too badly. :-D


  2. Jay Ross says:

    Hi Lisa – Thanks for this post. Hope one day to attend and meet so many of the people that add so much enjoyment to my life. I love to read and have often said my only regret when I die will be so many books that I’ve never got to read. Hugs, Jay


    • Oh Jay! I’d love if you could make it to Atlanta. I’m looking forward to it, if for nothing more than it’s an easy destination to fly to, it’s in my time zone, and there’s actually humidity there. :-P Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in person again, but the other works too. :)

      You’d love it, seriously love it. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. I admit I was really nervous at first, I mean to the point where I was a little nauseous, but that ended very quickly and was soon replaced by awe and fun!

      I’d love to meet you and hope you’ll consider going!



  3. Charlie Cochet says:

    Hi Lisa! It was so amazing to meet you! I was really worried the retreat would go by and I wouldn’t get a chance to chat with you. Hopefully next year we’ll get to chat longer. It was such an overwhelming but amazing experience. Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were a lush. I know I’d had a few drinks by then too, hence my inability to do much more than hug and smile like a loon! Lol I was totally gushing at meeting you. Can’t wait for Atlanta!


    • Hi Charlie!

      It did almost go by without us having met, and that’d have been tragic. :( But yay! We met at the zero hour, which is okay, though next year I hope to spend more than a minute with you.

      DSP did the cabaret up right, didn’t they? It was easily the funnest planned event for me. The pianist was not only incredibly talented but funny and engaging as well. Between that, friends, and free booze. Oy! :-P It was a good thing I left the next day. I don’t think I could’ve taken one more night like that. :-D

      I’m looking so forward to any- and everything you have new coming up. I’ll be on the lookout for it.




      • Charlie Cochet says:

        I know! I almost missed you and Cole! :( Next year we’re definitely hanging out! The cabaret was amazing. I was so hoarse the next morning from all the singing along. He really knew how to work the crowd. By Sunday night I was beat.

        Aw, thank you so much. That’s so sweet! Hope you recover soon! Hugs!

        x Charlie


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