Jennifer Cierra, JMS Books LLC, Small Gems

Small Gems – Champagne Bubbly by Jennifer Cierra

“It may have just been a moment to you, but it changed every single one that followed for me.” – (pleasefindthis – Author of the book I Wrote This for You)

Sometimes there is a lovely symmetry to all the possible things that can go wrong with the most carefully laid plans, when one of those wrongs turns into something so very right. For Dan Rorney, a few missing bottles of champagne turned out to be one of the best non-gifts he could ever have hoped for even though at the time, he’d have gladly murdered his little brother for flaking out on him and potentially ruining not only his birthday but the launch party for his new novel, as well.

But as fate or fortune or whatever name you give those happy accidents that seem to stage interventions at the most opportune moments and snub their noses at the whims of mortal men would have it, Dan makes a chance phone call to Shamrock Off Sale, a call that brings Chris Tennyson knocking on his door, bearing champagne and inadvertently turning Dan’s thoughts toward something that, to that point, he’d only ever dreamt of in his philosophies.

Reading a man can be difficult when the signals being sent out are mixed, and an evening of what seemed to be connection turns into questions without clear answers, but hope is there nonetheless that what you think was there was truly more than the ephemeral bubbles popping in the champagne you shared. Longing becomes need and need becomes risk at the expense of possibly being wrong, but not to try is to surely fail, and failure or success becomes the difference between staying and running away.

Champagne Bubbly is a story that once again left me wanting for more, but in only the best possible way. Jennifer Cierra seems to have a gift for teasing me with her charming men at their romantic best, giving me just enough to make me fall in love with them before bringing things to a close and allowing my imagination to take over, picturing all the most wonderful possible scenarios for a long a happy future for them.

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