J.M. Snyder, JMS Books LLC

No Place Like Home: A Vic and Matt Story by J.M. Snyder

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke. – Charles Dickens

Okay, there are no two ways about it; this story is just too cute. I love Matt and Vic, have loved them for a very long time, so whenever J.M. Snyder decides to pay them a visit, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make me happy. Well, No Place Like Home is no exception.

If you’re not familiar with Matt diLorenzo and his big, burly, pierced and tattooed lover Vic Braunson, who’s all ::grrrrr:: on the outside but squishy on the inside for his beloved, let me bring you up to speed. Vic has superpowers. Vic gets his superpowers from Matt. Matt gives Vic all sorts of strange and sometimes wholly unfortunate powers when they have sex. There, you’re caught up. Actually, their story is far better than that, infinitely better, and this is why I leave the storytelling to the people who know how to do it.

Based on the title, you can probably guess what these guys are getting up to in this chapter of their life story. Yes, there’s a storm; yes, there’s a Good Witch (“Good” being an entirely flexible designation); no, Matty isn’t in Kansas anymore—or Richmond either—and yes, there’s a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Lion that’s anything but Cowardly. And there’s a yellow brick road. Need any more clues? I didn’t think so.

And yes, there’s even a message at the end, though Dorothy’s wasn’t nearly as romantic as the one Matt and Vic share when their adventure is over—that home isn’t the somewhere but is very much the someone with whom your heart resides that makes you feel safe and warm and sheltered and loved and connected.

No Place Like Home is fun and sexy, pretty much like all the other installments in this series, and while love stories aren’t necessarily a horse of a different color, Matty and Vic are true originals. This was a sweet little trip over their rainbow.

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