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Sinner’s Gin (Sinner’s Gin, #1) by Rhys Ford – Leave A Comment For Your Chance To Win An ARC Of The Book!

Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing – August Wilson

I suppose I ought to do something like, say, tell everyone I was a lucky, lucky girl and got to Beta this book. And I suppose I ought to do something like, say, tell everyone that I love this author dearly not only as a writer but also as a friend. I should, but then it would sound like a disclaimer and I don’t want that because when I say I fell in love with Miki St. John and Kane Morgan, and the entire Morgan clan, for that matter, (Donal’s mine, just sayin’) I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying it only because I feel obligated to. I’m not and I don’t.

Sinner’s Gin is the first book in the Sinner’s Gin series and much the same way things happened when I first read Dirty Kiss, I immediately understood two things—the first being that I was drawn into the language and the flow and the tone and rhythm of the writing. I loved the humor and the intrigue and the chemistry between these two men in the same way I fell for Cole McGinnis and Kim Jae-Min. The second is that, again, much like Cole and Jae, I was also entirely aware that Miki and Kane weren’t going to have an easy go of their relationship, due in large part to Miki and all the things he’d endured, not just recently but over the course of a life that’s seen some brilliant moments but seem too few when compared with the bleak.

The band that had become the only family Miki could claim is disbanded in the worst possible way; in a limousine crash that leaves him the only survivor. A broken body and a battered soul is now the currency Miki has to offer as payment for that survival. But beneath the scars are strength, an immense amount of strength, and a slow recovery. Being alone seems to be his destiny, but that solo trip is waylaid by a dog named Dude, a dead body in Miki’s car, and a cop who’s one part charm, one part tenacious, and one part totally hooked on a guy who could use some good in his life. I know that only adds up to three parts, but they’re all the best parts of Kane Morgan. Well, he’s pushy too, which is another good part, though Miki doesn’t always think so.

Mystery, murder, suspense, romance, danger, twists, turns, surprises, and more than a little heartbreak along the way are a great start to this series, which, oh… Trust me when I tell you there’s so much more to look forward to coming up in the next three books. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend adding this one to your stockpile of holiday reading material. It’s dropping on December 24th at Dreamspinner Press, just in time to give yourself a treat for being naughty and nice this year, but you could win a FREE ecopy of the book right here, just by leaving a comment on this post. :-D

Contest deadline is 11:59pm Pacific time on Saturday, December 22, 2012. One winner will be drawn at random on December 23rd. And don’t forget to leave your email address in the comment so Rhys knows how to deliver the prize. Good luck!


45 thoughts on “Sinner’s Gin (Sinner’s Gin, #1) by Rhys Ford – Leave A Comment For Your Chance To Win An ARC Of The Book!

  1. Lisa H says:

    I can’t wait for this one to be released! I have literally been counting down the days. :) I know it’s going to be awesome! I love Cole and Jae, too. Rhys really does write the best characters. Looking forward to meeting Miki and Kane. :D

    Thanks for the giveaway!



      • Lisa H says:

        I finally got to read this one after the holidays and you were right about the Morgans. They were awesome! That ending…OMG. Cannot wait for the next one! Another great series to add to my list of favorites. :)


        • Oh! Donal. My God, I have a Daddy thing going on for him, in a major way! ^_^

          And Connor. Connor, Connor, Connor… I canNOT wait for his book! I *think* he’s coming next, after Whiskey & Wry. Woot!


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  3. teronangel says:

    Rhys told me to stop by and give you love, and I thought, “That’s easy, I love Lisa already!” and then I read the review and thought, “Well yay! I need to buy Rhys’s book! And then hope I get a new Kindle for Christmas since my old one broke!” But one thing at a time. First give Lisa love, second congratulate Rhys on another awesome book!



    • ::squish:: It’s suuuuch a great book and I’m so, so excited for the sequels–one specifically, and Rhys knows very well which one.

      I just want to cuddle with both of you and make you tell me stories all day. :-D


  4. Whitney says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to this. Almost as much as Christmas! :P I know almost everyone in my reading group put this on their secret Santa list!


  5. Diana Hernandez says:

    I’m very excited to start reading this series! Jae and Cole have a special place in my heart and I’m happy to make room for Miki and Kane! Please count me in and Happy Holidays!


  6. Treasure says:

    I’m so excited for Miki and Kane to finally get here! I’ve been waiting since the first little tease on Rhys website Count me in please


  7. PaParanormalFan says:

    I can’t wait to start reading Rhys Ford’s Sinner’s Gin Series, they LQQk like they’re going to be Great Reads!
    Wishing you much success on your release.
    Take Care, Merry XxxxMas & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com


  8. Anna says:

    I wish she has more books to offer since her writings are so amazing. Please count me in for her latest Sinner’s Gin. Thank you!




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  10. On behalf of Rhys Ford, I’d like to say thanks so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway for Sinner’s Gin. The contest is closed and a winner has been selected. Congratulations goes to:


    Rhys will be contacting you soon to deliver your ecopy of the book.

    Happy Holidays to you all and best wishes for a joyous New Year!


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