Dreamspinner Press, K.Z. Snow

Xylophone by K.Z. Snow

“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the Spider to the Fly. – Mary Howitt

K.Z. Snow has done it again, written a beautiful and compelling book, of which there’ve been way more than a few that I’ve loved over the years, this one a story of the quiet strength born of the horror of lives darkened by the taint of men who preyed upon children, adults who abused their authority and seduced two impressionable young boys into their sickly webs, stealing their innocence and making them victims, only for Dare Boothe and Jonah Day to be left years later without the satisfaction of justice nor the ability to forget the Situations and Incidents that left them with capital I-Issues.

Both in their mid-twenties now, the two men have done their best to survive, has each gone his own way in trying to reconcile his past with the present; Dare by allowing his sexually fluid persona, Pepper Jack, to come to life on the stage at the Sugar Bowl; Jonah by recovering from alcoholism and the relentless promiscuity that covered for the fact the sexual abuse he’d suffered left him unsure of who he was. Until he met Dare and they each confessed their pain and shared their fears and anger, and eventually began a slow dance of absolution set to a music written only for them.

I love, love, loved this story of hope sprung from the depths of tragedy, of love grown in a common ground, of healing begun in a light that eclipses a dark past. In spite of the serious subject, K.Z. Snow never gets heavy handed in the telling of the story, never reduces the characters to the single dimension of their shared horrors, and manages not to take this story into what could very well have been an overwrought melodrama. Xylophone does its job perfectly—shows the feral and predatory nature of child sex offenders, demonstrates how easily the Spider tempts the Fly to its web by preying on weaknesses and feeding on needs, but, in the end, celebrates the triumph of love over that terrible evil.

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6 thoughts on “Xylophone by K.Z. Snow

  1. Lisa H says:

    Read this one yesterday and like Rhys said, KZ Snow always delivers. Despite the subject matter, I found this one to be very uplifting.


    • K.Z. has been one of my Go-To authors for a while now. Have you read her book The Prayer Waltz? Stunning, absolutely stunning. Powerful and poetic. It’s, hands down, my favorite of all her work.


      • Lisa H says:

        No, I haven’t, but I remember when it was released. I will definitely put it on my TBR list. My problem right now is my TBR pile…LOL. Can’t seem to get caught up because there are so many new releases that I want to read and end up buying.


      • Now that I’m thinking about The Prayer Waltz, I want to go read it again. It’s definitely worth adding to your ever-so-tippy stack of books.

        I do the same thing, too. I have probably a thousand books (not exaggerating!) sitting on my PC right now. Do I keep buying more? Yes, yes I do. And so many of those books have been sitting there for years.

        If you ever want to be a reviewer here on my blog, I have plenty of books to share with you. :-D All you’d have to do is share with everyone else what you think about them.


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