Drew Hunt, JMS Books LLC

Colin and Martin’s First Christmas

Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it—you feel it, you know it, you believe it. – Kevin Alan Milne

Just open up your heart and let Colin and Martin in. That’s what I did and ended up finding an incredibly touching and sweet story of a love that grows between a blind man, Martin, and Colin, the man who delivers his groceries and makes Martin want so much more than he can ever allow himself to wish for.

Yes, Drew Hunt purposefully manipulates your tear ducts with this story. So what. It’s a Christmas story and therefore is granted unlimited license to play me like a cheap violin, which it did. Martin may not be a man who would ever be described as beautiful on the outside, but he is luminous, and he shines with a need so powerful, a need for friendship, a need for a meaningful connection to another soul so desperately that he became beautiful, not only to me but to Colin as well.

Go ahead and call me sentimental. I’ll own it. I fell for Colin’s compassion and Martin’s pain, and, eventually, celebrated their Christmas miracle.

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