Dreamspinner Press, P.D. Singer

Blood on the Mountain (The Mountains #4) by P.D. Singer

Love will find its way
Through paths where wolves would fear to prey. – Lord Byron

For anyone who’s been following The Mountains Series, you know that Jake Landon’s been facing some intimidating fears about his sexuality and what it would mean to come out to his family and live openly as Kurt Carlson’s partner. That fear was a driving force in this installment of the series and a dominant factor in the decisions Kurt made and the ultimatums he laid down. Add to the relationship anxiety the discovery of something sinister brewing on the mountain, something that very nearly eliminates all of Jake’s issues in one fell swoop, and all that did was spell doom for anything that might’ve resembled a decent night’s sleep for me. I didn’t want to put this one down until I was sure everything was going to work out for me. Or at least for Jake and Kurt.

I really could’ve summed up my feelings about Blood on the Mountain in four words: Best. Mountains. Book. Yet. And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve really loved them all, but this one… This one was adrenaline and anxiety all mixed up in danger and fear; not that adrenaline, anxiety, danger, and fear are an especially unique recipe for Jake and Kurt’s romance—these men know that drill pretty well by now—but this one took their relationship into new and unfamiliar territory; it was a trial by fire and a near death experience and a rising from the ashes, and I thought it was pretty perfect in every way.

And that big secret Jake’s been keeping? Well, it turns out the fear of that secret may have been a far gnarlier beast than the secret itself. Maybe not gnarlier than the bear, though. Did I forget to mention the bear? Yes, there’s a bear.

From a sexy archery challenge to start the book off, to a new beginning at the end, and all the action and romance in between, this one was consummate Jake and Kurt and I wouldn’t hesitate to say this is a must read for fans of this series.

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