Dreamspinner Press, Small Gems

Small Gems – We’re Both Straight, Right? by Jamie Fessenden

Friendship is love minus sex and plus reason. Love is friendship plus sex and minus reason. – Mason Cooley

Money makes the world go around. Or at least that’s how the song goes. But as poor, struggling college students, money is something Zack and Larry aren’t intimately acquainted with, though Larry’s got a get-rich-quick scheme that’ll earn him some cold, hard cash. And all he has to do to rake it in is be gay-for-pay in front of a camera. And all Zack has to do is agree to be Larry’s partner-in-porn. But they’re both straight, right? Of course they are.

Until gay-for-pay turns into gay-for-you in this best-friend-turned-lovers story of two guys who’ve known each other since junior high but didn’t really know each other, or rather didn’t know they could know each other any better until they started rehearsing for their roles as straight guys having sex together in the porn biz. Well, Larry’s completely comfortable letting his freak flag fly. Zack, not so much because, seriously, how’s a guy supposed to reconcile his lifelong heterosexuality when he’s gobsmacked by his lust for the guy he’d never before seen as anything more than a friend? But then he truly sees Larry, not with his eyes—or not only with his eyes, at least—but with is heart and with his hands, and suddenly Larry is the only one Zack sees.

It wasn’t an easy-breezy change of course for this friendship, far from it with all the anxiety and all the questioning Zack does, but it was a sweet and erotic little romp that was a quick and sexy and fun read.

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