Freebie, Melanie Tushmore, Storm Moon Press

Happy Sodding Valentine’s! Love, Melanie Tushmore

I’m a laugh tart. I make no secret of that fact. – Hugh Grant

P.S. – This not a review. This is only an observation.

I’m freaking excited about this series.

Do you remember The Monkees? No? Just me? Well, if you do, imagine The Monkees have traveled forty years into a future where cable television offers them the near unlimited license to carry out their madcap shenanigans without fear of those pesky censors telling them they have to keep it clean. Imagine a world where hash brownies and dropping acid could make everything hella groovy, a world where a cheese grater may or may not be a lethal weapon, and a world where the pretty girl isn’t so much pretty as she is a hygienically challenged crack whore who thinks she’s Castro’s daughter and won’t go the hell away. This, my friends, gives you a very dim picture of the questionably dim men who are in the book of fun that is Happy Sodding Valentine’s.

This is a short prequel to Melanie Tushmore’s new series The Crucifox Pub Tales, which, not to confuse things, actually seems to happen sometime after the excerpt from the actual first book, The Green Eyed Monster (Crucifox #1), due out next month from Storm Moon Press. This is the story of a rock band that hasn’t quite found the secret to their success just yet, based on the fact that their living arrangements may or may not be in violation of several public health codes. ::shudders:: Trust me when I tell you this is not your mama’s romantic Valentine’s Day story. In fact, though you can probably take a pretty good stab at a guess, it’s not even altogether clear who Sky’s guy’s gonna be…though I know who I hope it is.

So why not go ahead and introduce yourselves to Sky, Ritchie, Brandon, Jamie, and Spider; the boys in the band Crucifox. It’s FREE!, so you have nothing to lose but the time you’ll spare reading it, and if you’re at all like me, you might end up as anxious as I am to see what hijinks and hilarity awaits the boys now they’ve finally rid themselves of their smelly house-crasher. Seriously, she made my brain throw up just a little bit. Blech.

If you’re interested in checking this one out, you can find it in all e-formats here:


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