Elin Gregory

Well, Thanks to Elin Gregory, My Blah-Blah Has Actually Turned Into An Interesting Conversation

In my effort not to be a shit stirrer re: the state of M/M fiction, it seems I might’ve accidentally stirred up some productive discussion instead, with many thanks going to the lovely author, Ms. Gregory, and the lovely reader, Kazza, who’ve been weighing in on the state of romance versus erotica and how there doesn’t necessarily seem to be an honest distinction between the two within this genre, as well as the way in which some authors have been unfairly labeled erotica writers, not necessarily owing to the sexual content of their books but for nothing more, it seems, than the simple fact they write M/M romance.

If you’re at all interested in joining a discussion with other readers who’re are passionate about plot and see copious sex, or any sex, as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a book, or who simply see sex as a nice bonus to a meaty plot with real and well developed characters, go have a look at the two groups Elin started just for you.

Passionate About Plot: Facebook
Passionate About Plot: Goodreads


5 thoughts on “Well, Thanks to Elin Gregory, My Blah-Blah Has Actually Turned Into An Interesting Conversation

  1. Interesting! I’ve joined the groups, too. :)
    I’ve said it before, but it is always a shame that people feel the need to pigeon hole everything… however, because we’re using the internet here and require key words for searching, yeah we kinda need specific words to find what we’re looking for… or along those lines! ;p

    Erotica, sex, love… I think of books like I do people; each one is different, and depending on the mood, one might be more obsessed with ‘getting laid’ than another, at different times of the day/night/week!

    Anyone else feel the same?? lol


    • Mood definitely has everything to do with my reading choices, Melanie! And you know what I’m thankful for? That there’s a little bit of everything out there for me to choose from, depending on my mood.

      Like Jackie Treehorn said in The Big Lebowski,

      People forget the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.

      I just want to be able to use mine a little bit while I’m reading. :-D


  2. Kazza says:

    I agree. Mood is everything. I genre and sub-genre jump based on how I’m feeling/what I’m feeling like at the time. Sometimes I want to be challenged, sometimes I don’t want to think so much. Sometimes it can’t be erotic enough, other times that ruins a good read……


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