Allen Mack, JMS Books LLC

Letting It All Hang Out – Clothing Optional by Allen Mack

Full nakedness! All my joys are due to thee, as souls unbodied, bodies unclothed must be, to taste whole joys. – John Donne

Jim and Brad are taking advantage of a beautiful day at the new “clothing optional” beach, not that they’re going to ogle other naked sunbathers, mind you. They aren’t; they’re simply going to celebrate the freedom they have now to tan their unmentionable bits in a perfectly legal way.

Jim and Brad fly in the face of modesty in their own little display of naked rebellion. Well, Brad doesn’t fly so much as he dodges—he’s a bit shy about letting it all hang out—but together, he and Jim repel the cruisers and serve the bigots a little bit of crow too, as they enjoy the sun, sand and surf with each other in this lighthearted story with a message.

Allen Mack’s men give new meaning to the term “beach bums” in Clothing Optional, and have some fun while they expose some…ahem…naked truths and learn a little bit more about each other in the process.

One lesson I know they learned is to remember to bring more sunscreen for those tender bums next time.

You can buy Clothing Optional here:


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