Iyana Jenna, Prizm Books

And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams… Dreamcatcher by Iyana Jenna

Trapped in a hellish dream
Spinning past worlds unseen and frightfully vanishing
Into the dark eternal night – Dream Theater

Jordan Sullivan is the harbinger of a legacy passed down through generations of his family, an inheritance from his ancestors that will long go dormant over the course of decades but will find a resurrection when kids at Jordan’s high school begin dying in their sleep, a mystery that in and of itself is terrifying enough, but one that doesn’t truly hit home until Jordan’s best friend Jamie falls victim to an evil that dwells in nightmares.

Iyana Jenna’s Dreamcatcher is a short story in the Prizm Books “Pinches” collection, which dabbles in Native American folklore and the legend of dreams and nightmares and the sacred web that sifts the good from the bad and protects the spirits of those who wander unprotected in the dreamscapes of the subconscious mind.

This is a sweet sip of a tale, a blend of historical and contemporary fantasy, in which the young hero fights for friendship, sacrificing his own safety and battling a familiar yet unknown evil, all for the sake of the one he will never give up on or let go of, the one he will save and who will then save him in return.

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