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Of Tattoos And A Contest And Some Dirty Laundry From Rhys Ford

You can sacrifice and not love. But you cannot love and not sacrifice. ― Kris Vallotton

If you’ve been following Cole McGinnis and Kim Jae-Min from their first dirty kisses to their short-list of dirty secrets, you know by now that dirty laundry was bound to surface somewhere along the way. The real question was whose dirty laundry was going to be aired, and when. Well, let me assure you there’s plenty of the dirty stuff to go around in this third installment of the Cole McGinnis Mystery series, where murder, as always, is the name of Cole’s game, and love, at least the kind that Cole and Jae share, is the kind that hurts so good, like a knife that cuts both ways and still leaves you wanting more.

Someone is murdering fortune teller Madame Sun’s clientele, and Cole’s been hired to find the connection and stop the killer before the body count grows any higher. And wouldn’t it be fortunate for Cole if that’s all that was going on in his life? Sure, but that’s not the way things roll for the man who loves with abandon, and who is in love with a man who can only love with restraint. What’re a few bullets in a man’s life, after all, when happiness and heartbreak seem to coexist as a means of keeping things real?

Cole’s investigation leads him deep into Madame Sun’s business, and turns up some dirty shenanigans going on in and around the world of fortune telling, not to mention him discovering that he has a little family laundry of his own he didn’t know about: a half-brother, Ichiro, whom Mike is determined to introduce Cole to and then force him to embrace…whether Cole damn well likes that idea or not. I, for one, have to say I’m on Mike’s side in this little skirmish, and I think you’ll love Ichi just as much as I did. Pretty sure you will if for no other reason than he is awesome. Vague? Yes, but read the book. You’ll see for yourself.

Fair warning: Rhys Ford is out to throw some gut checks and sucker punches in this installment of the series, something she’s brilliant at, and, I believe, something she relishes in a hand-wringing, evil moustache twisting sort of way. Dirty Laundry packs a bit of a wallop, especially as things come to a rather shocking climax between Cole and Jae, one I don’t mind admitting left me feeling a bit flayed and skewered myself. It’s a murder mystery and I was a victim. That’s what I call audience participation.

While there are indeed some relationship, and familial, issues for the reader to savor in Dirty Laundry, it’s the case of the dying clients that stands front and center. You’ll get to spend some time with all the characters you’ve come to know and adore, and you’ll get to meet some new ones too, but savor this one for the mystery, and love it for its no-holds-barred suspense at the end.

You can buy Dirty Laundry (Dirty #3) here:

But before you rush off to snatch it up, don’t you want to hear about the contest Rhys is offering? Of course you do.

Here it is, folks, the opportunity to have yourself written as a character in the fourth Dirty book, Dirty Deeds! Yep, that’s right, but you won’t be just a random name on the page; no, the best part of this deal is that you’ll be getting inked in a very special way, so not only will you be playing the client but you’ll also get to choose the artwork for your tattoo, which Rhys will describe in vivid, stylistic detail. So much the fun!

All you have to do is leave a comment right here on this review of Dirty Laundry and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Please be sure to leave an email address so we know how to contact you.

The contest will run through 11:59pm Pacific time on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The drawing will be conducted via Random.org on Wednesday, the 24th, and the winner will be notified ASAP.

Thanks so much for participating, and good luck!


97 thoughts on “Of Tattoos And A Contest And Some Dirty Laundry From Rhys Ford

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  2. Angel says:

    Ahhhh! How I love our dirty boys. Since this has been my lucky year so far, I might as well enter here:D Wonderful work Ms. Ford. Just bloody delightful.


  3. g8torgrrl says:

    Oo, oh me! Pick me! Pick me! *Waves hands wildly in the air* ;)
    I know it’ll be some mysterious random-izer type of selection for the winner, so I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that get lucky.
    So excited for DL – Counting down the minutes now… Love, love me some Jae. g8torgrrl @ gmail dot com.


  4. Maritza says:

    As if I wasn’t excited enough to read book #3 in the Dirty series! Can’t wait to read it and catch up with my favorite guys!! Rhys writing is knock down, kick ass first class! She drags me in & I can’t help but to Love her!!


  5. I had the pleasure of reading Dirty Laundry a few days early and I can’t get enough of these guys. I can’t wait for the next book and would LOVE to enter this contest. :)


  6. SO EXCITED!!! DIRTY #3!!!Seriously! You’re too fast! Popping out books left and right! I CAN’T KEEP UPPPPP! T____T aslkgjasglksaas

    OOOOOH, I’ll enter for a chance to be in the next one! I have NO idea what my character would have tattooed on them… hmmmm. Something unique and fitting to “kuro”, of course! XD


  7. Love this fresh and edgy series and this is another nail-biting steamy rollercoaster of an installment as usual! I’d love to live vicariously through my character and get some sort of Celtic or Pictish tattoo from shoulder to fingertips! Or possibly a triskele made with ravens over my heart! Great idea Rhys baby!


  8. Karin says:

    Cole and Jae, growing together, loving together and sharing life with us the reader……. Throw in a good bit of drama business and personal and I guarantee the only thing you will do for a few days is devour this book. My only problem, Rhys doesn’t write fast enough =)


  9. Deb pridgeon says:

    Yesterday I was seriously considering my third tattoo, and then you go an offer something as amazing as this! I’m pretty sure it’s a sign! I’ll post a photo of the new tattoo when I get it designed, scheduled and inked. :)


  10. Juliana says:

    How fabulous! I am far too chicken to get a real tattoo, and my mother would never speak to me again! ;) I would definitely think of a cool tattoo, something I’ve studied in art history classes…
    OceanAkers @ aol.com


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  13. Oh, I would definitely like to be tattooed by that character! :-D Now if only this competition had been a couple days ago, I wouldn’t’ve gone through that pain, or have that insane itching still to look forward too :-p On the plus side, I have a ready made design to go with if I win!


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  15. Angel says:

    Crosses, sugar sculls and dragons. Yes, a full back, cause that takes time, and I will be there for hours (pages) and Hours (pages). I can live with that.


  16. Aggy says:

    Yay! This is epic! I’ve been a fan for a long time and this series is as exciting as usual. And such a prize… Awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  17. ooh oooh pick me pick me because it will probably be the closest I ever get to being tattooed and I want full back fantasy with dragons and fairies and the works tattoo please please please :-)


  18. Treasure says:

    IRL I’m desperately allergic to the ink. But I have wanted a guitar riff, I never got far enough to decide exactly which one, possible from Led Zeppelins kashmir, starting at my the base of my neck down my spine and pooling at the base of my spine .


  19. shannon hayes says:

    Ooh I would love to win this! I already have an idea for a tattoo that I’m waiting to save money for as it is. I plan to put it behind my left shoulder. Just need to save up for it… I hope I win! :) ♥


  20. Danielle says:

    Can’t wait for more Cole and Jae, even if Rhys did gut check me guard in Dirty Laundry! I’d love to be a part of the series.


  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dirty Tattoo contest is now officially closed, and the winner’s name has been drawn. Congratulations goes to ::drumroll::

    Cole Rianne!


    Cole, you and that other way less famous Cole get to be in Dirty Deeds together. :-D

    Thanks so much to everyone who participated!


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