Brita Addams, Dreamspinner Press

A Star Emerges In the Golden Age Of Hollywood – Tarnished Gold by Brita Addams

Hollywood has always been a cage… a cage to catch our dreams. – John Huston

The handsome Jack Abadie is an aspiring actor who leaves his home and family in rural Louisiana and strikes out for the promise of an emerging Hollywood to make a name for himself. As a gay man who knows nothing of big city life, Jack struggles to find himself in a burgeoning new industry of silent pictures and eventually “talkies”. The reader is taken through many of Jack’s relationships, loves and struggles as his star emerges in Hollywood. A major theme of the book is how Jack reconciles his sexuality and his relationships in a time where at first there may have been acceptance but eventually discrimination is imposed by the studios from the outside “moral police”. The struggles that ensue from this conflict help to spur the story onward and make for some fast page turning for the reader.

The author does a remarkable job capturing the golden age of Hollywood, and her research into the history of what was happening in Hollywood at the time is to be commended. Her factuality and ability to make this time period come alive and leap from the page is truly remarkable and the signs of a gifted historical writer.

Not to be forgotten at the core of this well told story is the love and relationships of the main character Jack Abadie. The sex and love scenes are very sparse at the beginning of the book but become quite abundant, with a full throttle embrace of erotica in the second half of the book. Though a good deal of the romantic scenes take on a BDSM slant, they are written in such a loving, well versed manner that they fit seamlessly into the relationship of Jack and his lover Wyatt.

If, as a reader, you love great historical fiction with a good dose of erotic romance, this will become a true favorite.

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Reviewed by: Bruce


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