Abigail Roux, Riptide Publishing

A Little Touch & Geaux Goes A Long Way

What’s past is prologue. — William Shakespeare

I went into this book with great expectations for our boys Ty & Zane. After reading Stars & Stripes, I figured we were all good and the boys were on the right track, ya know? So as I sit down and start reading, I found myself in this warm little bubble of joy. The first chapter has a sexy photo shoot, some great flirting, unfortunately for the boys a poorly timed phone call, and a 20th anniversary surprise party for Zane. Sounds great right? Well that is how it starts, but not how it continues. For all of us that have read this series we know that Ty CANNOT go to New Orleans right? Well, guess where he and Zane end up? You guessed it: NOLA!

Trouble does seem to follow these two men everywhere they go. While they join with the Sidewinder team to celebrate Sanchez’s birthday, a murdered woman is found in the bathroom of the bar they are in. Along with this, a not so chance meeting between Zane and Liam Bell starts a domino effect of epic proportions. Ty & Zane have always known there were secrets; recently they had cleared the air and put all their cards on the table, right? Well…not so much. Ty ends up having to come clean with Zane about one situation that isn’t so terrible, but when Zane keeps digging, he forces Ty to bare all. All I can say is, be careful what you wish for, Zane. Once Ty reveals all, it leaves Zane questioning the entire two years they have spent together, both professionally and personally.

It seems Ty’s past has come back to haunt him in more ways than one. Liam Bell turns out to be a huge thorn in their side, and he brings about some confessions that just may level Ty & Zane for good, and he also brings back Zane’s past in a huge way. When a threat to Ty is revealed, Zane and the Sidewinder boys instantly go on the offensive. While looking for a place to lay low, they end up with Ava. You remember her, right? The cleaver wound to Ty’s ribs? I have to say when it rains on Ty, it just seems to pour. Zane is not handling Ty’s confessions well; if you thought the alley fight in Cut & Run was good, it has nothing on the brawl between them in Ava’s bar. Ty truly broke Zane’s trust, and it doesn’t seem that it is going to heal anytime soon.

There is as much action as you can handle in this book. Between the crooked NOLA cops, the Columbian drug lords, an assassin and the Sidewinder boys, all I can say is WOW. Abi Roux wrote some of the best action scenes of the entire series. A shootout in a cemetary, a footchase that ends with a voodoo powder to the face, an OMG so cool motorcycle rescue, and a standoff in an amusement park kept me on the edge of my seat.

Not everyone makes it out in this installment, but I think the ones that do, come out stronger in the end. I will tell you this was not an easy read. Ty & Zane do some major soul searching, and I believe they both come out stronger for it. Now, we may not like the angst caused by Ty’s confessions, but I personally believe these two needed to put it all on the table so to say. All the issues between them lead to major soul-searching for both of them. Zane finally gets to know the true Ty and at the same time, he also finds the true Zane. It is an arduous journey but a necessary one.

Now, don’t fret. There are some light moments too. One of my favorites is this one: “Zane.” Ty’s voice was harsh in his ear. “Don’t speak geek to me when you’re naked. It shatters the illusion.”

There was also a gift given to Zane by Ty, no words needed; he gave him an orchid, ya know, in case he wants to cut and run. One thing I don’t think I ever doubted in this book was their mutual love. That message came through clearly. This quote from the book defines it for me: “He trusted Ty with his body. He always had. He trusted Ty with his heart. It was his very soul that Ty had the power to break.” Don’t we always say you always hurt the ones you love? Of course, Ms. Abi Roux couldn’t leave us without the cliffy right? The final sentence in this book is a killer!!!

I look at this book as a pivotal point for our boys. What will happen in the future only Abi Roux knows, but I know I will be there to read it, I have already pre-ordered the next book. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did.

Reviewed by: Jackie

You can purchase Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run Book 7) here:


2 thoughts on “A Little Touch & Geaux Goes A Long Way

  1. Nice review, Jackie. I’ve only recently read these stories – all of them in the past 6 weeks – and for me the secondary characters are the great joy so a book that focussed on Sidewinder was a delight. Now, of course, I’m worried sick about Kelly and I am actively hating Ty – you can probably guess why. Roll on – what? November?


  2. Jackie McKenzie says:

    Thank you very much Elin. I am glad you liked my review! Now if memory serves, Ms Abi Roux posted a free short on her blog about Kelly that will knock your socks off if you love those boys. I am not mad at Ty because the last couple chapters were rough. but I think they both needed it. I am not15/ sure when the next book is out, but my Riptide bookshelf tells me 3/15/2014. Or in other words FOREVER!


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