Night Song – Because Sometimes I Feel Purple

And today was one of those days. When that happens, I often sit down and pretend like I know how to write, mostly reviews, but there are times I get a little poetic and when I do, things like this come out. :) You don’t have to read it. I’m just leaving it here for safe keeping, and now I’m heading for the hills. :-P


tumblr_lmyxocMas31qi0mnqo1_500Night sounds drift through a thin curtain of decomposing light, light that has been tamed and is now shrouded within the dusky gray of the softening day. A symphony of crickets accompanied by the sibilant sound of leaves slipping one against the other carries itself in through the open windows and over the gossamer fabric that plays lazily on a fickle breeze, sounds that land without effort, stroking quiet fingers along and over the landscapes of the two bodies entwined in the pale cool sheets, laying a trail of gooseflesh beneath the sheen of sweat that’s testament to the mellowing of the heated day.

The room glows sepia with the flicker of a dozen candles, adding the scents of cinnamon and clove to the heady blend of lilac and summer hovering around and over them, skin shimmering in a mix of clean exertion and mellow flame where it touches the men in the most intimate way, illuminating a path to the places they will each welcome the stroke of a tongue, a soft kiss, a sharp nip to tender flesh, each laying claim to the body beneath as they battle for the lead in this primal dance.

The silken whisper of skin against skin, soft words spoken on sighs—yes, more, right there, oh God…yes. Please!—the rasp of facial hair as a kiss deepens into something frantic, something frenzied that demands rather than asks permission, each breath a testament to two lives that have somehow become one, tongues dueling not with words but with lust and love and need and want. It is a battle, this desire to take, to possess, to each overwhelm the other in a press of flesh and a joining of bodies at a place where hearts collide.

A long, low lover’s moan harmonizes with the night chorus, a bass vibrato that is part pain, part pleasure, and resonates like the desperate prayer of a man seeking salvation from the only one who can offer him redemption. Face to face, touch to touch, eyes seeking and finding perfection, the two become one, sharing breaths and sighs in an endless confession, hips rocking in a synchronous rhythm both ancient and timeless; silken steel sheathed in molten heat fanning flames long held in check, now set to a steady burn that threatens to consume them the nearer they come to catching the electric current humming through their veins and buzzing along every nerve, beginning somewhere deep and unknown and primitive, then radiating outward like a pebble that’s broken the smooth surface of a quiet pond, tight rings of energy growing wider as they flow ever outward from the center until they simply no longer are…

And then the world explodes in a chorus of light and color. The ambient noises that had once surrounded them are now swallowed in a litany of cries and moans and hot, heavy breaths that carry promises of forever, and words that offer praise and give meaning to that small and simple one—Love. They are each wrapped tight around the other, Yin-Yang, neither knowing where they begin and end, neither wanting to be the first to let go, neither willing to end what they’d begun, both certain that forever is built upon single moments such as this.


15 thoughts on “Night Song – Because Sometimes I Feel Purple

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  2. Oh, Jordan! Ack. I said that already. I’ve never put anything like this out there before. I may simultaneously barf and hyperventilate. It could get ugly. Heh.


  3. That’s such a super change from the sex scenes I normally read, which may be emotionally lush but are often descriptionally barren. You’ve got both sides there and it makes for a much more interesting and satisfying reading experience than any amount of clinical detail. Lovely.


  4. Brilliantly poetic, lyrical, and romantic. Definitely something I’ll bookmark and come back to on those days when I need to remind myself that beauty can still be found in this too-often-nasty plane of existence. <3


    • Oh my gosh, AF! Thank you. I still don’t know how you authors do this for a living, putting yourselves out there for everyone to see. You’re all my heroes!


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