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Here In The Present Tense To Talk A Little Bit About His New Book Past Tense, Please Welcome Ethan Stone!

Is he dressed to thrill… or out for the kill? Does he pray for forgiveness… or prey through the night? Will he take you down a dark, cobblestone alley to have his way… or make you pay?

Intrigued yet? Well, that’s Ethan Stone for you, folks, here in the flesh…almost, and pun fully intended…to celebrate this Wilde, Wilde week of erotic, thrilling, chilling, madcap, futuristic fun!

Park yourself somewhere cool, why don’t you, and enjoy what Mr. Stone has in store for you!


JerkyA lot of changes for you recently, how is the move to Oregon working out?

It’s been great. I love the weather and the beautiful scenery. So green and beautiful, especially compared to the bleak, starkness of Nevada. Moving here was definitely the right choice for me. You’d think all that would translate into writing inspiration, right? Not so much. Totally blocked at the moment. I’ve been missing one of my biggest writing tools; Werner’s Peppered Beef Jerky rounds. I used to eat them all the time when I was writing and I haven’t been able to find them here.

You’ll be attending the Seattle meet-up in September … what should be in store for readers and authors who are able to make it?

I am way excited about this event. I don’t really know what to expect since it’s the first year, but the organizers have been great and have a lot of awesome plans. I think it will be a great chance to meet with readers for some great conversation. GayRomanceNorthwest.

Where did you get the idea for the storyline of your book Past Tense?

It was one of those ideas that was circulating in my head for a while. And it turned out very different than I originally imagined. In addition to the names changing several times (which is normal for me) I originally conceived Jason as a married man whose wife is killed by the father of his teenage lover. Jason was either a journalist or lawyer before he became the Blackjack dealing stripper he transformed into. Quinn’s character was still a loner but his and Liam’s family didn’t appear to me until I was writing the book.

Was Liam’s family based on your own or someone’s you know?

Definitely not based on my own, which would mean they all sit around watching tv and not much else. The MacKenna’s are totally my own creations, taking the best and worst of families I’ve seen. In a way, they’re a family I’d love to be part of.

You mentioned that Past Tense went into a whole other direction than you planned, what was the key factor that changed the story?

When I started writing it I had no idea it was going to become paranormal. I was about halfway through and didn’t think it would be any different than lots of other stories. I want it to at least be unique and I accomplished that, regardless of whether readers enjoy it or not.

Is that the reason behind keeping the paranormal so subtle in the beginning of the book?

I wanted readers to have a surprise. I wanted readers who may not normally read a paranormal to be swept into the world and go for the ride. If I accomplished that or not, I’m not sure.

Was there a scene that you loved but for some reason or another it had to be taken out?

I was tempted to write in omniscient third because I kind of wanted to be in the mind of Kyon, the leather dog. He still fascinates me and would love to someday use him again. Can he be redeemed? I’m not sure, but it might be fun to try.

Kyon is a frightening character, where did he come from?

leathers8He was a character in my head from the very beginning. I’m not so much into the leather scene or puppy play, but I stumbled across a few pictures and the idea formed. Waking up with a man dressed in the dog getup staring down at me would freak me out. Add in him being a sadistic bastard and I had an awesome villain. There’s a reason why Kyon isn’t dead at the end of the book. I’m sure I’ll use him again.

Do you plan on writing a sequel?

Absolutely. I think there is much more story to tell. Why didn’t Jason’s parents tell him about his powers? Are there others out there like him? What’s the deal with Quinn and his wings? Why didn’t his wings appear when he was with Liam? And…

I want to know all those things! We can have book 2 sometime next week, right?

Ummm, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Hopefully soon if I can break the damn blockage.

Are you planning to write a backstory for Liam and Quinn’s relationship?

I hadn’t originally planned on writing a back story for them, but if readers want it I could go there. I have a lot of the story in my head so you never know.

What scene was your favorite to write?

I enjoyed the final battle scene because it was so different than anything I’d done before.

What was the hardest scene to write?

Same answer as above.

Was it the paranormal “rules” that were so challenging and exciting? Or something else?

It was freeing to be able to go further than I had in other stories while also trying not to go too far overboard. Part of it was using images I’d seen on the net or in my mind and putting it on the page.

How did you decide on what Jay’s power would be?

Chlorophyll KidFor his powers I wanted something somewhat simple but still useful. Jay is a down to earth guy so the ability of an earth-based power came to mind. Limits had to come into play again with him. I didn’t want to go overboard and say he could affect ropes if they were made out of hemp. I chose to make it that he could control only live plants.

Are you a fan or superheroes?

To answer that question let me tell a few things I own; Green Lantern wallet, Justice League t-shirt, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern underwear, oh and about 3,000 comic books. In Past Tense there is a mention of Chlorophyll Kid. That is a genuine character, though in the comics he was presented in a humorous manner. Chlorophyll Kid

Is there a meaning behind the title, Past Tense?

The book deals a lot with both Quinn’s and Jason’s pasts, so it was a play on the writing term past tense.

If Past Tense were to be made into a movie, what actors do you imagine playing Quinn, Jay or even Liam?

Matthew FoxMark Ruffalo
For Quinn I’m torn between Matthew Fox and Mark Ruffalo. They both have the rugged good looks and can play the tortured soul very well. For Jay I’d love Chad Michael Murray. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix that I’m obsessed with Chad Michael, but he can play the brooding young man extremely well. Former gay porn star Blu Kennedy would make a perfect Liam.

Chad Michael MurrayBlu Kennedy 2

What is your typical process when starting to write a book?

Grab onto a kernel of an idea and praying I can make it into something.

Do you “write what you know” or search out uncommon things to write about? How do you go about researching themes that you aren’t familiar with?

I try to start with something I know and go from there. I love adding twists to common ideas to make them fresh and unique. I admit I’m not the biggest researcher. When I do need information it’s all about Google. My upcoming book, Compromised, involves prison gangs, which I had some knowledge about since I worked at a prison for several years, but online I found history and information I didn’t know. Facebook is also great. I can throw out a question and ask my friends on there for help. I usually get what I need that way.

What are some things you would love to write about, but haven’t found the right “story” yet?

I’ve wanted to write a twincest or brocest story, even came close a few times, but just never had enough of a plot. I’d love to write a post-apocalyptic story as well.

Anything that you would never write about?

I don’t have many limits, other than some of the obvious like underage guys. At one point I’d have said you never find a bare vagina in one of my stories but lately I’ve been contemplating a m/m/f scene.

What are some of the future projects you’re working on right now?

It’s been a struggle lately. Lots of nothing. WIP’s include a sequel to Compromised, which is due out soon from Total-e-Bound, and a short story set in a gay men’s resort in Vegas.

What is Compromised about?

Daniel “Kash” Kashaveroff is a correctional officer at a maximum security prison and looking for Mr. Right. He has a NSA relationship with a co-worker, Zane Davis. The relationship turns serious but they face challenges because of Zane’s bi-sexuality and Kash’s desire to prove the innocence of an inmate, Kody Ives.

Lots of hotness to be found in a gay man’s resort … does what happen in Vegas really stay in Vegas?

I don’t think anything really stays in Vegas. For some men who stay at Hotel Incognito (the resort in my story) what happens there will stay there, for others it continues outside the walls of Incognito. Incognito is based on the Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas. And yes, I did stay at Blue Moon one time, but what I did there, will stay there. A gentleman should never kiss and tell. I may not be a gentleman but…

Thanks, Ethan!


6 thoughts on “Here In The Present Tense To Talk A Little Bit About His New Book Past Tense, Please Welcome Ethan Stone!

  1. Thanks for joining us at The Novel Approach, Ethan. It’s great to have you as a part of our Wilde Week. You fit right in with the “Wilde” part, I’ve seen the photos to prove it.
    Surely there is someone in Nevada who can send you some of your favorite beef jerky? Maybe you could order it on-line? Maybe we could all send you some and bombard your muse with so much yumminess it would start talking again.
    I loved Past Tense and am anxious for more of Quinn and Jay!


  2. Jackie McKenzie says:

    I will have to agree with Tina here. I finished Past Tense last night and the first thought in my mind was “I want more”! I mean seriously, what happened to Adrian? What is with the wings? How could they let Kyon get away? Honestly if you need some peppered beef jerky, give me a PO Box addy and you will have them, lol. I have to say you succeeded in the paranormal “surprise”. I had no idea about it until Quinn made mention of it. As far as the MacKennas go, I want to be part of that family too!! Well, except for Lee, cause ya know I am with Quinn on this one, I would hurt him A LOT! Thanks for visiting today and sharing with us about your upcoming work!


  3. Great Interview, guys! Since you don’t have any beef jerky handy, Other Ethan, perhaps you should simply try thinking of something else to put in your mouth?

    That’s what MacGyver would do. : )


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