N.R. Walker, Self-Published

N.R. Walker Proves That Falling In Love Isn’t Always Easy In Blindside (Blind Faith, Book 3)

Don’t you ever let another put their hands on something that’s already yours, because you might end up breaking your own heart. – Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Blindside is the third book in the Blind Faith series by N.R. Walker. This is the long awaited story of Mark Gattison, best friend to Carter Reese from books one and two.

Mark has been a favorite character for most of the people that read this series. I know for me I couldn’t wait to see him get his HEA. However, knowing Mark as well as we do, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy path. The Mark we fell in love with is the Mark we saw in this book, and that is why he had such a long row to hoe.

Once we meet Mark’s mother, we finally get a glimpse into what molded Mark into the man that he is. With five failed marriages and a habit of trying to be Mark’s friend instead of his mother she has never given Mark any example of what love should be. Now, I am not saying she is a bad mother, just not the most nurturing. So, is it any surprise Mark can’t see what is right in his face?

From Mark’s point of view, he and Will are best friends. They are totally in sync and have the best friend banter down pat. They get along so well most of the time people think they are a couple. While reading this I felt bad for Mark. It was clear from the beginning that no matter how much he tried to find Will a boyfriend, he was the only man Will wanted.

It is obvious from the beginning that Will loves Mark. Mark still believes that he doesn’t want or need a relationship and he is happy just playing the field. Will finally seems to give up on Mark and moves on once he meets a new guy. When things get serious between them Mark starts to get this weird feeling, like he is losing his best friend. When Mark finds out the new guy has been abusive with his past boyfriends he tries to tell Will, but Will isn’t buying it. Eventually Mark proves to Will the guy is no good and the two friends start to mend the rift between them.

A bad reaction to an intimate moment causes Mark’s world to crumble around him. When Mark finally confesses to Will that he loves him and his love is rejected, Mark experiences physical pain from the emotional trauma. Luckily for him Carter and Issac come in to save the day.

As funny as this book was in parts, the last few chapters will definitely pull at your heartstrings. There is some soul-searching for Mark and some honest realizations for Will. Once they truly talk to one another about their feelings, they start to mend what they both have broken.

I loved the ending of the book, the love the two men build is something we should all strive to find within our lives. Mark is finally at peace with his life, with Will and with himself. I don’t think we could have asked for anything more for our favorite best friend. This book was a great addition to the series and if it is the last book, then I feel the series ended wonderfully. N.R. Walker did a great job with Mark and Will and I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a great love story.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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