Ethan Day, Wilde City Press

Ethan Day Might Make You Change Your Definition Of Self Preservation

As a matter of self-preservation, a man needs good friends or ardent enemies, for the former instruct him and the latter take him to task. – Diogenes

This was the second time I read Self Preservation by Ethan Day. The first time, it was released by a different e-publisher and I gave it three stars. The editing was missing completely from that version. I have to admit I had forgotten the reason I gave it three stars and I was not looking forward to re-reading it for this review. Why did I volunteer? I think because I had already read several Wilde City Press e-books and had found true nirvana. Almost flawless editing, proofing and formatting. This version of Self Preservation is a now different animal entirely from its previous incarnation.

To me, story is King. But the court jesters of bad proofing, editing, formatting and spelling can assassinate the King. Because of the much needed improvement in those areas, which were made by Wilde City Press, the story in Self Preservation was able to shine through. I got my first true taste of this lovely, heart-warming book.

Ethan Day is one of my favorite authors, genre be damned. He is witty, snarky and creative but also has emotional depth that translates well onto the page. Or screen if that’s how you read. He created characters in Self Preservation that were so likeable, I wasn’t sure I was rooting against ANYONE! I wanted them all to get their HEA.

Davis is invited to Jack’s wedding. Jack was his first love and Davis has been in a holding pattern for six years, just waiting for the moment Jack will walk back into his life and tell him he made a mistake by leaving him. Now Jack is marrying a man he has only know for weeks. A man named Tadd. Tadd the toad!

Davis and his best friend, fashion designer Desiree, decide to go to the wedding, planning to make-over Davis and get Jack back for himself. As usual, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

After much tomfoolery an nonsense, it turns out Tadd isn’t such a toad after all. And Tadd’s best friend Alex, he is just a knight in shining white armor. The wedding happens (of course it does, you didn’t expect such a quickly planned caper to work!).

But a funny thing happens on the way to the HEA. Alex likes Davis. Really likes Davis. And Davis is pretty sure he likes Alex right back. Desiree, she has a big secret of her own and meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger at the reception.

The over-arching observation for me in Self Preservation is that Ethan Day injects humor into every possible little nook and cranny that he can find. He had me laughing out loud so many times! But he also had me crying. I think that an author capable of causing such heights of humor and happiness is equally capable of causing us to tap deeply into our inner well of sadness. Not all authors choose to do that. Ethan Day is one of the best at it. He elects to wield every emotion at his disposal, and uses them like stealth bomber. I’m laughing, and then, wait, what? Why am I crying? Ohhh. I get it, that’s funny but it’s so sad, too. The capacity to inject a situation with those opposite extremes of emotion is a rare talent. I have so far not read an Ethan Day book that I have not liked. I know that the combination of his innate talent and the talent of the staff at Wilde City Press (of which he is one of the co-founders, by the way) will be unbeatable. I can’t wait for more. I recommend Self Preservation with no reservations. You will love it.

Reviewed by: Tina

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