Well… We Are Now The Fab Five

Would you have a look at us? We’ve grown again, peeps, and I couldn’t be more thrilled if I tried… Nope, I tried. It doesn’t work.

I hope you’ll join us in welcoming our newest reviewer Lynn to the TNA family! As you’ll see from her bio, she’s bringing review experience to our little corner of the sandbox from MANtastic Fiction, so without further blabbery-ness on my part, I give you… Lynn!


Hi everyone, my name is Lynn and I’m happy to be here with you all. I’m a wife and mother, and obviously, an avid reader. I generally have a few books going at a time, and just jump to whichever book fits the mood I’m in. A few things I love (and a few I don’t) about books are:

1. hot guys who love hot guys
2. fast paced storyline
3. gritty, grimy, and angsty

Don’t Love…
1. ugh, fluff!
2. predictability
3. unrealistic “Happily Ever Afters”

I also post reviews over at MANtastic Fiction. I can’t wait to share my thought with you here, and find out what you have to say, as well.

Welcome, Lynn! :-D


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