Dreamspinner Press, Lavinia Lewis

Like A Fine Wine, Lavinia Lewis’ “Improves With Age” Is A Very Good Vintage

“Wisdom comes with winters.” ― Oscar Wilde

I have always liked reading Lavinia Lewis’ books in the past, so when I saw this title I scooped it up. This is a short but very sweet story of two men in the prime of their lives.

First we meet 48 yr. old Reece Watkins. Reece grew up in small town Montana, which was not an easy thing to do. When he graduated he hightailed it out of Montana and moved to Washington. In Washington he found a career as an accountant, and the love of his life. After 20 years of bliss his partner, Mike, dies of a heart attack. Reece realizes he is traveling the same road as Mike, working too hard and not relaxing, so he makes a change and moves home to Montana. He buys an old farmhouse and soon finds out that means lots of repairs. When Reece hires a contractor to repair his roof he has no idea that Nick, said contractor, will change his life.

Nick Kenison was the all American boy next door in high school. He dated the cheerleader and later married her and stayed put in Montana to raise his two kids. Nick also started a successful contracting business and realized he is gay. After his divorce, Nick no longer lives in any kind of closet. When he shows up to do roof repairs for Reece, the sparks immediately start to fly.

This story is so heartwarming I found myself grinning like crazy while reading it. Reece has some issues to overcome on his way to a happily ever after with Nick. I will say I love the premise of this book. It is never too late to find your happiness and life is not over until they put you in the ground. Nick and Reece finally work it all out once they start talking about their issues, and it was great to witness them growing together.

Like I said, a short but sweet book and highly recommended. The only negative I have about this story is that it ended way too early. I could definitely read more about these two men.

Reviewed by: Jackie

You can buy Improves With Age here:


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