Dreamspinner Press, EM Lynley

Napa Valley Is The Scene Of “An Intoxicating Crush”

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.” – G.K. Chesterton

I have to start out by saying that I loved the first two books in the Delectable series, Brand New Flavor and Lighting the Way Home. I found it hard to dive into this one like I did the others. I didn’t get truly invested in Austin and Simon like I normally would. The physical chemistry between them was OFF THE CHARTS! I just didn’t get a true emotional connection between them until the last quarter of the book.

Simon Ford is a self made man who is working hard to climb out of the lower middle class upbringing of his youth. While being born and raised in Napa Valley, Simon watched the “new money” millionaires come into the area and try to change the entire landscape, in his opinion, for the worse. His mother raised him alone, financed by cleaning house and providing other “services” for these men.

Austin Kelvin inherited Kelvin Cellars from his father. Austin has a mind for wine making, but a not so great mind for business. The winery is in trouble financially, so Austin plans a tasting and dinner at the winery to drum up some business and hopefully put the winery back on track.

This is where Austin and Simon cross paths. Simon’s boss sends him in to evaluate the vineyard for a possible buyout, and Simon sees this as his ticket for advancement in the company and his opportunity to finally “make it”. All of this goes down the tubes as soon as he meets Austin. There is a spark between the two men immediately when they meet. How will Simon be able to do his job and pursue anything with Austin?

Through some twists and turns these two men navigate the cut throat market of Napa Valley and eventually do come out on the other side. With the help of Austin’s father, the two men are able to make things work but not before having to deal with many complications.

Finally, I will say this: This book is well written and the plot twists were worked out with skill. For some reason I just couldn’t love this book. I think a lot of things were left unresolved between Simon and his mother and Austin and his brother. This was a good read, but by far not the best in the series.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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