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Rob Rosen’s “Vamp” Is A Snark-tastic Adventure

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”― Bertrand Russell

I have read “Southern Fried” by Rob Rosen so I felt like I knew what to expect going into “Vamp”. It turns out that I was right and I was wrong. Rob Rosen has a great sense of humor, add some Class A snark to that and it had me laughing out loud.

The book starts out with us meeting Jack Jackowski, one of the MCs of the story, and him finding out that he has just inherited a LARGE sum of money and a HUGE mansion. Funny thing is he has never heard of this relative of his. Cousin Boris Jackowski has left all of his worldly possessions to Jack and Jack is trying to figure out why. It seems Jack also inherited an Igor Bolinski, the humpbacked house servant that worked for Boris. Igor didn’t have any clues for Jack when he finds a note telling him about being the last remaining survivor of a great war. Oh, and just like all of the prior Jackowski men, Jack is a vampire.

After Jack goes through the transformation he goes outside to “play” with his new abilities. While outside Jack smells something he described as “unique, strange and intoxicating”. Jack follows the scent and meets Steven, a very naked Steven. Jack is shocked to find out that Steven is a werewolf. Not just any werewolf but the Alpha of his pack also. The two men hit it off VERY well and then almost immediately after they are attacked by an unknown assailant with spears. The same type of spears that his cousin Boris was killed with. This effectively brings Steven and his pack into the war with Jack.

It turns out that centuries ago Jack’s family turned another bloodline to vampires and that family is seeking a cure by killing off all of Jack’s family line. Steven rallies his troops, Mack and Ralph, to be Jack’s bodyguards. Jack also rallies his own troops by calling in some newly discovered family members to fight alongside him and Steven. After too many close calls while fending off attacks from the “bad” vampires, Jack and Steven decide to go on the offensive and they start taking the fight to them. With some work between the vampires and the pack they get to a point where they have almost won the war when there is a big twist that changes everything.

Throughout the book there are some great adventures while Jack and Steven not only get to know one another, but also learn more about Jack’s new abilities and how they can work hand in hand with Steven’s. There is a love story in this book, but it doesn’t take center stage at all. I found that I was happily entertained with the interaction between the vampires and the werewolves. Steven and Jack do fall in love, and the ending is a happy one. There are plenty of twists and turns and some great comedic moments. This book won’t be for everyone, and I believe it is a love it or hate it book. It is a unique take on the vampire genre and the ins and outs of their family situations. I did like the book and I am going to have to get “Queerwolf” now because I can only imagine the humor in that one. I recommend giving this one a read, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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6 thoughts on “Rob Rosen’s “Vamp” Is A Snark-tastic Adventure

    • Cole! Hahaha! Now someone needs to write a book about vampires and werewolves doing battle, when, all of a sudden, a sharknado comes along and the vamps and weres have to join forces to defeat the sharktastic menace.


      • That would be totally awesome! It could be a book about a Vampirenado and a Werewolfnado fighting each other :)

        I would love it if it became a thing, like, the go-to deus ex machina!


    • X-MenNado! jk :)

      I think I might buy this one. I rarely buy books to read for fun anymore! And this sounds like fun. I’ve never read one of Rob’s longer books, just his shorts.


      • I’ve read a couple of his books: Southern Fried and Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love. He writes good camp. :)

        You know what? I think I buy almost as many, if not more, books than I request. I like doing that because then it’s my choice whether I review it or not. Takes the work out and puts the fun back into the reading. And 9 times out of 10, I will review it because if I’ve chosen it and bought it myself, I’ve made sure it’s something I’m almost positive I’m going to enjoy before I’ve even started it.


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