Dreamspinner Press, Susan Laine

“Accidental Chemistry” Will Leave You Wanting More

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ― C.G. Jung

This is a very humorous look at two very different men. I have never seen two people have so many problems just trying to hook up. It all starts with Zane being “up to here” with his boss. He doesn’t really have to work but his brother Zak thinks he needs to experience working a job to learn a good work ethic. After taking about all he can, he heads out to a club with one thing on his mind. Yeah you got it, getting laid. While checking out the scenery in his local club he is sent over a drink. When he checks out the guy that sent it, his first impression when the man looks up is “cute blond”. After talking to the guy he realizes the guy is nothing but a fake. Fake hair, caps on his teeth and very shallow. Luckily right at that moment the bartender lets him know this isn’t the guy that bought him the drink, that guy just left. Zane takes off after the guy and finds him. This starts a series of mishaps that just has to make Zane feel as if he is the unluckiest man in the world.

There are tears, an almost broken nose, a big mishap on the stairs that just sounds painful, and cat pee on the sheets. This couldn’t get any worse could it? Well, yeah, unfortunately it could! After Joshua takes care of Zane’s needs, well, Zane falls fast asleep, with no reciprocation. OUCH. When Zane wakes in the middle of the night to get a round two, he finds his bed empty and Joshua gone. Too bad he didn’t get a last name or a phone number, huh?

Now, Zane has only been in one relationship before and that lasted all of three weeks. So why does he feel so drawn to Joshua, and why does he feel this uncontrollable need to find him and make things right? So with the help of his roommates, Zane tracks Joshua down and tries to make him understand that he does want to get to know him, and I have to say he gives great apology!

The two men end up finally getting some MUTUAL satisfaction, and they make plans to spend more time together. Zane decides to cook for Joshua, but they end up doing it together and that makes it even better. There are some truly sweet moments between the two, and it seems to be the start to something special. Personally, I wish the author would have given us maybe another chapter or two to see this relationship blossom. However, Susan Laine did leave us with the impression that these two will work out, and I guess that will be enough for now, but I wouldn’t object to a second visit with these two. One added bonus to this story was the short visit we had from Zak, Zane’s brother, who was featured in the first book of the series “Twice By Chance”.

If you love a short sweet love story with some truly funny situations this story is for you! Truly entertaining and will leave you wanting more!

Reviewed by: Jackie

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